Yad Hashmona


For over three decades, we have been preaching and serving the vision that

“all Israel will be saved” (Romans 11:26).

An essential element in divine strategy for this national revival is Yad Hashmonah: the Messianic community village located in the Judean Hills just outside of Jerusalem.

The moshav (small village) was registered in 1971 by a group of Bible believing Protestant pioneers from Finland. Three years later they moved to the site to begin building and developing the stony area. Later on, Messianic Jews joined the Finnish founders in order to fulfill God’s vision for this place.

The approximately 150 residents currently living in Yad Hashmonah consist of families, children, singles, volunteers and Bible students. Some of the moshav’s elderly founders, who formed the initial Finnish cell, still live here. The volunteers, who rotate constantly, come from all over the world.

Yad Hashmonah is the world’s only Messianic kibbutz. Because it is a community, it has the unique opportunity to become a witness to the entire nation of Israel. Our witness as Messianic Jews must not be only in words, but in real life. Being the “Holy Land”, Israel is flooded with all kinds of visions and visionaries. Often the practical example to go along with the vision is missing. The opportunity for Yad Hashmonah to give a living example of our kingdom message is unique.

Our Revive Israel ministry base is located within Yad Hashmonah. We seek to support them and partner with them as the Lord leads.

One important project at Yad Hashmonah is a new housing development for young Israeli Messianic families. It is extremely difficult for young families to acquire even the most minimal housing. Having a group of families living at Yad Hashmonah will not only provide housing, but will also bring them together for prayer watches, children’s ministry, hosting international visitors, and more.

Another important project on the moshav is the industrial park. Because of persecution against Messianic Jews, establishing businesses is very difficult. Supplying an infrastructure through a Messianic-owned industrial park will enable new business and professional enterprises to be launched … and succeed.