Window Into The Israel Spiritual Climate


Yishai Ribo is a young, newly-popular Israeli singer and songwriter. The depth of spiritual hunger in his songs is refreshing. The fact that they are broadcast on both religious and secular Israeli radio is surprising. He is an Orthodox religious Jew. The broad appeal of his Hebrew songs is unusual, since the norm in Israeli society is a baseline level of tension and mutual suspicion between the secular and the religious.

Here is one of his songs with its many references to biblical prophecies, brought to you here as an encouraging sign that spiritual hunger and awakening are stirring here in Israel.

Kol Dodi (The Voice of My Beloved)
By Yishai Ribo
(Translation into English by David )

The voice of my beloved, behold He comes, they say…
To lift up our horn, and to put all evil away.

And from dust so deep,
To awaken those who sleep…
At the sound of the shofar.

The voice of my beloved,
Behold He comes,
That’s the rumor that is spreading
The prophecy every young captive is receiving.

So come, let’s go out to meet Him,
Drums and flute bring,
Praises to Him sing.
How blessed is the people whose God is the LORD.

And then the day will break
And the lie will evaporate,

Then the does of the field,
The foxes will not fear,
But will go forth in the dance
And upon the mountains prance.

And from the clefts of the rock,
Living waters shall flow forth,
From the hidden terrace,
To the lily of the valleys
To establish the tabernacle,
That will remove our suffering here.

The voice of my beloved is knocking,
Open to me my son.
The time of your redemption has arrived,
Your troubles will be done.

And to you Rachel,
Good tidings I do bring,
No more is it time for weeping.