Where Am I on the Presidential Election Controversy


Some of my Facebook friends have made it clear that they believe that there was massive voter fraud in the last election and but for that fraud, President Trump would have won.  Others of my friends, even those who voted for Trump, think that the whole voter fraud claim is foolish and will get nowhere.  It is not that there is not fraud in their view, but not enough to come close to swinging the election in favor of Trump.

Those who have followed my personal page as well as my official page have some idea of my views.  I have been consistent on three points. The first is that our primary orientation to politicians should be to support the one who will most support the policies which are more in accord to the Bible.  I noted that I disagreed with President Trump on some issues, but his policies overall were by far more in accord with biblical norms.  Secondly, I noted that I had great concern from time to time with the President’s behavior and did not think that he should be given a pass on this.  I thought this behavior did hurt the country. Thirdly, I noted that there was amazing prophecy predicting Trump’s election from before he was even running for President and continuing when it seemed his election was not probable.  Some of these prophecies came from what I call “internet prophetic stars” most of whom I had not heard of until recently.  But some were good, accountable and humble people.  These words were of some comfort to me in my struggles over the President’s behavior.  These prophecies did not mean that we should discount the transgressions against biblical behavior norms.

Since the election, some of the prophets are still convinced that the President will prevail. Some gave prophecies that he would be elected to a second term.  I have not sensed that I was to either endorse or despise those prophecies.  I rather have sensed that I was to join with the many prayer streams that are intensively praying in a godly fashion.  They project a spirit of repentance, are crying out for revival, are asking God to expose fraud and injustice, to have mercy on the United States and to not bring us into his full judgement.  It is my evaluation that most of the intercessory streams, some international, to whom I am related, do believe there was serious fraud; that is their prayerful discernment.  One person who I know well has predicted that though it was God’s original plan to see Trump elected for two terms, that too many Christians have fallen into an adulation of Trump and have themselves become coarsened and derailed.  Thus, God has decided that Trump will not be the President.  I still am very concerned for the justice issues and the terrible darkness I see on the left gaining power.  We pray, pray and pray.  Trying to decide between these prophecies is beyond my capability or calling at the present time, though I do try to confirm or not confirm prophecies when I sense I am called to do so.

I do believe that from all I have read that there has been serious fraud, but I do not know that the evidence is sufficient for a court of law to overturn results.  I also sense this fraud and evil to the best of my discernment ability.  So, I pray for repentance, righteousness, justice, against the darkness and for an outpouring of the Spirit in revival.

I have not been led to take a position on the prophetic words, predict the outcome of the investigations, or to render a judgment on the condition of the Body of Believers in America, though I have deep concerns about the lack of discipleship as my primary issue.  I have been amazed at how much I track with Dr. Mike Brown on all of this.  We have corresponded many times about it.  This is a time for intense intercession.  I believe the mobilization of intercession, greater than I have ever seen in my lifetime, will bear fruit whether or not Donald Trump is elected.  I don’t want to do anything to undercut that.

I do not think it would add anything to the debate for me to summarize my rational reasons beyond my discernment sense for thinking that there has been serious fraud.  Instead, I affix two links, one to a very fine article by Mike Brown that pretty much summarizes where I am at.  It contains links to those who summarize the case for fraud.  The other link is to an American Spectator article that was a very good summary. This is a very respected conservative journal that has been around for decades.  So, let’s humble ourselves and pray. Let us keep at it until the present court and legislative appeals are done and then let us continue to pray for revival more and more whatever the outcome.