Valentina’s Testimony Shavei Tzion November Report


From the very childhood their family home was filled with music Valentina was playing piano and writing songs. For sure when the Lord gave her and her husband children, they believed that they would also inherit the love for music and art. The oldest son of them, Daniel, is 11 years old and he is taking various art and music lessons in our Art and Music School “Rainbow of Sounds” – vocal, violin and piano lessons. He is gifted with theater skills and, of course in school he is also a very good student.

It is difficult to imagine that at the age of four he was not able to talk at all. First, he took classes with specialists, after that a special kindergarten and then a special school – it seemed that Daniel’s future was predetermined, he would remain on the sidelines of life, among those who are called losers, or disabled. But the Creator never puts a shameful mark on His creation.

Once sitting down at the piano, the child began to play, note by note. Starting to learn, he overcame his shyness and complexes.

The prayers of his parents, support of loved ones and creativity helped him to overcome it all and he became a different person.

For a big family, of course, every penny is dear, but parents know that investing in the future of their children always pays off, and the ministry of “Return to Zion” has introduced a sponsorship program to support this family. Now Daniel and his younger brother are studying at the Music Art School – “Raindow Sounds”, performing at the school concerts and the future seems quite different than before.

The Lord has poured out His blessing!