Tikkun in Action — in the Holy Land Tikkun supports several ministries in Israel, from congregations to humanitarians aid, such as feeding the hungry, supporting those in need and helping addicts find Yeshua. Your support enables Tikkun to serve these vital ministries.

Ahavat Yeshua (The Love of Yeshua)

Asher Intrater and Eddie Santoro birthed Ahavat Yeshua Congregation with a desire to see Yeshua return to Jerusalem, where he will reign. This was the passion of the very first congregation of Jewish believers in Yeshua in Jerusalem! It was on Pentecost (Shavuot)  2000 years ago that God first poured out his Holy Spirit on the Apostles. Apart from that same powerful presence of God’s Spirit, the Jerusalem-based congregations will never be able to achieve God’s end time purposes for His city. Recently, Jonathan Moore and Ariel Blumenthal were appointed as the new congregational leaders.

Beit Hayeshua

Beit Hayeshua (The House of Salvation) is a Messianic congregation and rehabilitation center in Jerusalem. It was founded in October 2004, by Tsvi Rendelman, who had a vision to bring the Gospel to those suffering from addiction and spiritual oppression. He was joined by Roni Rejwan and Oleg Vilensky in establishing Israel’s second Messianic rehabilitation center. A majority of the addicts who go through their program receive Yeshua as Lord and Savior, and are set free from addiction. The growing congregation has a warm and encouraging atmosphere.

Harvest of Asher

Harvest of Asher is a Messianic congregation in Acco, Israel. Led by Acco native and former orthodox Jew, Guy Cohen, the congregation is a vibrant picture of Yeshua to the Jewish people. Acco is part of the unclaimed inheritance of the Tribe of Asher (Judges 1:31), strategically located at the northwest gateway into Israel. God has called them to conquer Akko, not with swords and spears but by reaching out with the love of God, proclaiming the blood of Messiah Yeshua over Acco and preparing the way for His return.

Poriya Congregation

Poriya Congregation (Kehilat Poriya), led by Eric Morey is a home based congregation in a village overlooking the Sea of Galilee, governed by a plurality of elders, giving opportunities for many to actively participate, dedicated to reaching the Jewish people in the Land of Israel with the saving knowledge of “Yeshua HaMeshiach” (Jesus the Messiah). The Hebrew word “Poriya” (the name of our village) means “fruitful,” Only by the Grace of God are we fruitful. We want to become even more fruitful and we want our fruit to remain.

Return to Zion

Return to Zion Congregation and Ministry Center (Shavei Tzion) was established by Leon Mazin in 2001, with Russian-speaking Jewish immigrants from the former Soviet Union comprising most of the congregation. Their vision is to “Restore faith in Yeshua in Israel in our days.” They do this through humanitarian and educational outreaches such as Oasis Media (a Russian language media ministry), Rainbow of Sounds Music School, a food distribution program, Haifa Theological Institute and a ministry to Holocaust survivors, and more recently, Shoresh (Root) a weekly discipleship training course for young adults, co-sponsored by Revive Israel. In 2004, Shavei Tzion birthed a daughter congregation, called Branch ofGalilee, located in Upper Nazareth.

Revive Israel

Birthed by Asher Intrater, Revive Israel started as a discipleship center for Israelis and has grown into much more. Revive Israel today hosts believers from all over the world every week for worship, prophetic prayer and teaching – in Hebrew with translation. They help to oversee three congregations in the Jerusalem/Tel Aviv corridor. Under the leadership of Youval Yanay, Revive Israel has birthed a powerful media center both in Hebrew and English. Yeshua Chai (Jesus is Alive), their 24 hour internet TV channel reaches Israelis in their native tongue.

Tents of Mercy

Tents of Mercy (Ohalei Rachamim in Hebrew) was founded in 1995 in the Haifa Bay area by Eitan Shishkoff, who continues to serve in an oversight capacity. In December 2016  Avishalom Tekle became the senior pastor and humanitarian aid director. He emigrated from Ethiopia’s Jewish community and is the grandson of a renowned rabbi. Tents of Mercy has birthed daughter congregations in Haifa and the Galilee. The facility is home to a Messianic synagogue, humanitarian aid warehouse/distribution center and pro-life counselling office.

Tiferet Yeshua (The Glory of Yeshua)

Birthed by Ari and Shira Sorko-Ram in 1995, Tiferet Yeshua was the first Spirit-filled, Hebrew-speaking-only congregation in modern Israel. Now led by Gil Afriat, their passion is to reach Tel Aviv (the “New York City” of Israel) with the good news of Messiah Yeshua. They host monthly coffee house concerts called Yad Aman (the Hand of the Artist) and have regular street outreaches. For the past 18 months they have reported seeing more and more supernatural healings as they’ve shared the gospel in Tel Aviv.


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