Israeli Pastors

Gil Afriat
Hannah and Avi Tekle
Tali and Guy Cohen
Nina and Leon Mazin
Roni Rejuan
Ariel and Vered Blumental
Eric Morey


Tzofiya and Avi Rogers
David and Jennie Wright
Jackie and Eddie Santoro
Greta Mavro
Jonathan and Belinda Allen
Rachel - Beit Netanel
Matthias and Tabea Oppliger
Revive emissary KM
Paul and Lauren Blake
Revive emissary Ann C
Cody and Liat Archer
David and Orit
Ruth Zhu
Marty and Sue Shoub
Tom and Leah Blake
Joel and Teresa
Simcha and Bella Davidov
Ted Simon
Eli & Vanessa Ben-Moshe
Revive Emissary C.G
Ben Juster
Revive Israel Emissary RSM
Tikkun Emissary YP

Tikkun Global Leadership

Betty and Asher Intrater
Dan and Patty Juster
Eitan and Connie Shishkoff
Ron and Elana Cantor
Paul Wilbur