The International Criminal Court Investigates Israel for War Crimes


In the decision to investigate Israel for war crimes the ICC discredits itself.  They remind me of the most liberal judges in America’s courts that make the U. S. Constitution say whatever they want it to say; even the opposite!   Let’s list some of the reasons.

  1.  The first point of investigation is that Israel’s settlements in Judea and Samaria (the West Bank) are illegal and a criminal violation of International Law.  However, for that to be true, these territories by international law have to be the territories of a recognized state. Only the Security Council can recognize a state.  To recognize a state there are criteria. One, there has to be a unified government with sufficient state institutions. The two governments, Hamas in Gaza, and the PA in the West Bank make this impossible!  Though other nations have recognized the State of Palestine, they have broken international law to do so. These territories have never been recognized as part of a recognized state. This assumes a two-state solution as well, which is now impossible.  It is best to have one state or go back to the Alon plan where the Palestinian areas are connected to Jordan and Jordanian citizenship and the Israeli areas are part of Israel.


  1. Israel is being investigated for war crimes for civilian deaths in the last Gaza war.  However, the rules for the ICC are such that investigations are to take place when a country maintains a serious independent investigative body for war violations.  Israel does so and with great care. Objective observers say that no one could better wage an asymmetrical war with an enemy like Hamas that uses human shields better than Israel.  This investigation can endanger the Prime Minister, the Defense secretary, and military figures when traveling.


  1. This is a travesty when one considers the territorial violations of real countries. Note Russia’s violations in Ukraine and Georgia and Turkey’s occupying northern Cyprus.


  1. It is secondly a travesty when one considers the crimes of Saddam Assad killing over 500,00 civilians, Russia’s killings in Ukraine, China putting its Muslim population in work re-education camps and more.  It is a travesty in the light of the mass killings in Africa.
  1. And when one talks about the right to a country, how much more do the Kurds show that they should be recognized?

Why does this happen?  It can only be due to Anti-Semitism underneath it all.  Israel is treated differently than others. The UN has passed resolutions in the General Assembly that does not recognize any Jewish connection to Jerusalem or the Temple Mount!   One can see the Last Days on all this.

The International Criminal Court should be disbanded or changed to only investigate real genocide where thousands of innocents are slaughtered.  It is now a rogue organization. There are great articles on all this in this weekend’s edition of the Jerusalem Post.