The Galilee Experience


The Galilee Experience, opened in 1991, is a tourist attraction on the Sea of Galilee waterfront in Tiberias, presenting the history of the Galilee and of THE Galilean, using multiple digital video projectors.  The audiovisual show has been seen by hundreds of thousands of visitors.

A major consideration of the founders, creators and investors of the project was to emphasize the life, ministry and claims of Yeshua—the most famous person in the history of the Galilee.  He is, in fact, the most famous person in the history of the whole world!  Because the Galilee Experience theater is in a very strategic public place, and because the show is an engaging media production, many non-believing Israelis have also come to see the show in addition to tourists from abroad.  Tens of thousands of Jewish Israelis have bought tickets and actually paid to hear the Gospel, presented in a very Jewish, Israeli way in the context of their own history!!! This is one of the creative means God gives His people to share the Good News in the land.

We don’t know how many Israelis’ lives have been affected by hearing the Gospel in this way, but we do know that two of the non-believing Israelis who saw the show, later became believers and are now congregational leaders in the Land.  One of them is Avi Tekle, pastor of Tents of Mercy Congregation and son-in-law of Eitan Shishkoff.

The creator and founder of the Galilee Experience, Eric Morey, is also the founding elder of Poriya Congregation, one of the Tents of Mercy affiliate congregations. Poriya means “fruitful.” It is also the name of the village in which the congregation meets, overlooking the Sea of Galilee.

In 1999 the Galilee Experience branched out into an additional means of getting the Messianic message out when it began to produce Hebraic Roots calendars with explanatory tools for Christians and Messianic Believers. Their latest calendar uses the artwork of Connie Kind Shishkoff (See painting on this page).