Lisa immigrated to Israel in 2014, together with her father, mother and younger brother. She was a bright and gifted young girl, and transitioned into first grade with no difficulties.

Sadly, after a while, the relationship between Lisa’s parents deteriorated, and now they are in the process of getting a divorce. Even through this difficult time, Lisa’s mother saw many hidden talents in her daughter and son. She works hard to give her children the opportunity to explore as many creative experiences as she can afford. Naturally, they will lose interest in some of the areas; nevertheless, those that Lisa and her brother stick to will bring them much joy and positive influence, and they will become integral parts of their lives.

Our best investments are those we make in our children. That is the reason Lisa’s mother has taken on several jobs. She is working hard to not let her children feel any lack in development and growth.

Lisa came to “Rainbow of Sounds,” (our ministry’s music and art school) after encountering several positive reviews on social media, such as Facebook, where parents shared their satisfaction with the experienced teachers at the school, as well as admiration for their professionalism and approach to children.

After considering the various areas of music and art taught at the school, Lisa signed up for vocal lessons. The beginning was very hard and challenging. She had to make an immense effort to control her voice even slightly, and initially there was no apparent improvement. However, her teacher Yelena M. taught her in a systematic and thorough manner, and Lisa worked diligently and practiced daily.

The bloom wasn’t late in coming! Step by step, Lisa learned to sing clearly and with a pleasant voice. Then came another encouraging sign – Lisa performed beautifully during the school’s concert in January. Success comes to those who work hard!

Lisa’s mother has the desire to see her daughter nurture and cultivate her talents. Would you like to join her and other immigrant parents, as they invest in the creative giftings of their newly Israeli children, by helping fund Rainbow of Sounds?