“Shoresh” By Evgeni Stanukevich


“Shoresh” is a Hebrew word that means “root.”

“Shoresh” is a theological study course for young people, ages 20 and up. The goal of this study program is to help disciple the next generation of leaders and servants in the Messianic body in Israel, for those who identify themselves as Messianic, Jewish, and Israeli.

Identity and self-determination is very important for those who want to serve God. The understanding of who we are, our calling, what we should do and what happens around us, is very important to young servants and leaders.

God is searching for servants who are strong in his word and are deeply rooted in their identity in Him. Strong deep roots bear healthy fruit!

The root of the righteous gives forth of itself” (Proverbs 12:12).


We recently finished the first three month long Root course. God touched the hearts of many Messianic teachers in Israel, and they volunteered their time to teach and equip the young with tools of knowledge.
Our goal was not only to study the Word of God but also to let the Holy Spirit lead us.

Twice a week, 12 students from all over Israel came together to study, starting each lesson with worship and prayer.

There was a great variety of teachers and topics. The topics included:  the roots of the Bible; the history of Israel; the Jewish Nation; the history of Messianic Judaism; Jesus the Jew; restoration of Israel; unity between Jews and Gentiles.

In addition to the studies, a prophetic “workshop” course was added. It was a great combination of the written Word and the Spirit. Students learned about the moving of the Holy Spirit, the significance of prayer and worship and how to listen to God prophetically (Numbers 11:29).

It was a great time of studying and discussions.

Shoresh is a joint project of “Return to Zion” and “Revive Israel” ministries. The idea first came from the month-long Eagle Project in which young people can take their first step in studying the Word and feeling the movement of the Spirit. Shoresh is the next natural step in growing and learning.

We are currently reviewing participant feedback and evaluating our experiences in order to improve the program and move forward with the next course this coming autumn.