Ruth Zhu (pronounced like “Jew!”) served for 10 years as a member and then lay leader of a Chinese Baptist church in Kansas City, USA. At the same time she served and studied at the International House of Prayer (IHOP), and also attended Or HaOlam Messianic Congregation.  Since 2015, Ruth has been serving as the National Coordinator for Revive Israel in China, and as an emissary from Tikkun and Or HaOlam.


Ruth is called to help Revive and Tikkun build a “One New Man” highway between the huge number of Chinese Christians and the Messianic Remnant in Israel.  We believe this will help to pave the way for the restoration of the kingdom of Yeshua on the earth.


Ruth was the team leader for the Chinese translation of Asher’s book, Alignment and Ariel Blumenthal’s book, One New Man. Since the physical restoration of the State of Israel and Jewish faith in Yeshua, there has been a growth of Hebrew Roots teachings — some healthy  and some less so!  As a result, over the last decade, much confusion and division has come to the Chinese church. Together with Revive/Tikkun, it is Ruth’s passion—in humility and with help from the Holy Spirit—to bring a more balanced and relational angle to the Jewish Roots teaching among the Chinese churches.

路得是亚设牧师的书“对齐”, 与艾利耶牧师的书“一个新人”中文翻译团队的领袖。自从以色列国的实际复国以及犹太人大量的来信耶稣,关于希伯来根源的教导与日俱增——有好有坏!结果是,在过去十年以来,给中国教会带来了很多混肴与分裂。与复兴以色列事工/提昆国际事工一起,路得的盼望在于——藉着圣灵的谦卑与帮助——把一个对希伯来根源更加平衡与关系化的教导带给中国教会。