Revive Israel Discipleship Testimony


How were a bunch of young fishermen and a tax collector transformed so much that it was said of them, “Here are the people who came to transform the world” (Acts 17:6)?

The answer: They were with Jesus!

After only 40 days, we were also privileged to see the beginnings of  transformation in the four young adults in our discipleship program, and even in us, as staff facilitators, as well.

Regarding Israelis, we at Revive Israel love to ask, “How it is possible to influence the faith life of young people and others toward Messiah King? How can we live our daily lives walking with Yeshua in the Holy Spirit?

Precisely now, during the Coronavirus pandemic, when many of our young people are out of work, it is an excellent time to invest in the life of faith. Four young people responded to God’s call in their lives and agreed to be the first group of participants in our new discipleship platform.

We called the program, “40 Days of Fire.” The “fire” was spiritual – to be baptized in the fire, to let God touch us and purify us (I Peter 1: 7). And it was also physical. 😉 Several days a week, the disciples worked outside in the hot summer weather. Using picks, shovels and rakes they prepared rocky terraces for growing vegetables. This physical farm-type work was a platform for practical service and for God to work in their hearts.

We all made room in our schedules to seek Yeshua together, to serve, eat, laugh and praise together, and to listen to one another; to embrace each other in our hearts. No compromises, no walls. We decided to be transparent. We did not look down on the disciples. We were one family. The spiritual mother and father of the program, Valerie and Yuval led us with love, patience and kindness, often in their own living room. Brothers and sisters on the team took up responsibilities, just like an extended family. Yeshua came and changed each of us, touched our hearts, and challenged us. Each of us passed through fiery trials. We all leaned on each other.

The staff and students testified that God was at work. One of the girls told me recently, “If I hadn’t committed to this discipleship process, I would probably have quit on myself.” As a result of the program, she believes more in herself and in God’s ability to act in her life. Another student, who was more introverted, has begun sending her friends verses and words of encouragement. Although she is shy, she allowed herself to be filmed, and testified to what God did in her life during this time of discipleship. One participant testified that he was strengthened and found it very easy to connect to the presence of God. Another testified: “Thanks to the students, I have matured spiritually and I grasp the grace of the Lord more deeply.” New friendships were formed.

I would like to say “Thank you” to all our partners in prayer and funding. Thanks to you we have been privileged to see a miracle happen before our eyes. People are being changed more into the image of God and taking further steps into who God intends them to be.

We also want to express our gratitude towards all the Bible teachers and others who helped in the process. We could not have done it without you. Every teacher who came and shared gave the young people more hope and strength. Your diversity showed that there is hope for unity in the body of Messiah.

We can work together for the Kingdom of God!



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