Reforming American Education


Radical deconstructionist neo-Marxist thinking along with relativism has destroyed much of American education.  The idea of a body of great literary works is dismissed as simply the writings of white male oppressors. The idea of historical progress from the magna carta to the U. S. constitution is dismissed.  The U. S. constitution was passed (at least in part) by slave holders which makes it invalid. (Of course, some of the great leaders in that effort were anti-slavery abolitionists like John Adams). Those on the cutting edge of the vilification of the historic figures in U. S. history, such as Washington, Jefferson and Madison, are fostering this as part of a lager purpose. It is to sweep away the constitutional republic of the United States and replace it with a socialistic hedonistic society.  To do so they have to destroy respect for the founders. The idea is a utopia where all will have material provision through state distribution, a leveling of wealth, and an embrace of all sexual orientations. Anything else is hate speech. The great jurist Robert Bork, in his great book Slouching Towards Gomorrah, outlined their redefinition of freedom as limiting political freedom while fostering libertine hedonism.  This is the opposite of the vision of the founders in order liberty.

Last night I had a succession of dreams.  It was to see a new movement of reformation in education where the values of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution are upheld and where respect for the founders would be restored.  Maybe someone is creating such an organization to reform education. As part of this, I saw articles on each founder, Washington, Jefferson, John Adams, Samuel Adams, Franklin, Madison and more. I saw an article with a picture of each.  It would then describe their accomplishments and how they brought advance to civilization. However, it would also be honest about their failures and where they did not overcome the limits of their age. However, it was their age. We are grateful for the progress and respect them in spite of their failures.  Liberty is such a great gain and came mostly from the British traditions of common law and through the influence of the liberties enshrined in the U. S. constitution. Restoring the United States will require such an education reformation. It will be heavy on teaching civics and the importance of free enterprise that is regulated to avoid crony capitalism.