What About Us?

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Eitan Shishkoff asks the questions, “What About Us?” for man Gentile believers who struggle with God’s plan for mankind in general and Israel in particular. What’s the Solution to this Mystery?

Christians are awakening to the place of Israel in God’s end-time events. What is their place in the dramatic return of Jesus’ Jewish disciples? Where do Messianic Jews fit in? Is Torah for the Gentiles?



1 review for What About Us?

  1. Wayne D. Fleming

    These view have been very edifying and instrumental in enhancing ones spiritual development. Please continue to send these articles as a gateway to messianic and gentile connections. God is at work in everything that we do. I thank and praise God for your continued effort to bring forth words of light. Your every effort is energized by The Holy Spirit. God Bless You, May His Eyes Ever Shine Upon You And May The World Of God dwell Within You In All Wisdom And Knowledge. Be Encouraged!!!

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