Social Justice

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The Bible and Applications for Our Times

Social Justice, as a concept, mostly refers to all members of a society getting a just deal in provision and opportunity. As contrasted to legal justice before courts, where there is just restitution for crimes, resolution of conflicting claims for pay, inheritance and punishment for crimes, social justice is very connected to economic justice. Deuteronomy 17:10 affirms, “Justice and only justice you are to pursue.” (From the introduction).



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  1. Donna Diorio

    When you try to figure out what social justice warriors base their judgments on, “the answer is blowing in the wind”. They are blown one way by the wind, and another way by another wind. Whichever way the wind of the moment blows, so goes their social values judgments. It makes for a thoroughly jumbled set of values that no one can ever know right from wrong. Led by whims – objectives of the moment.

    This is what I love true biblical social justice because it is anchored in God’s justice, not whim, but righteous judgment. That is what Dan Juster had devoted decades to writing about, like his book Due Process. If I’m up on charges, I don’t want mob justice, I want due process! Same with social justice, I don’t momentary whims of children accusing or approving me, I want God’s Word, which I trust for complete justice in all cases.Get this book, it will provide an anchor for you life.

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