Powers of Light and Darkness

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What is the truth about spiritual warfare? How should you engage in spiritual warfare?

When you know what the Bible says about spiritual warfare, angels, and demons, you can pray and act from a solid foundation of truth.

By carefully examining Scripture, Dr. Daniel Juster challenges you to go beyond the traditional view of spiritual warfare. He explores the context and cross-references of each passage to further help you understand what the Bible really says. Dr. Juster offers the experiences of Christians who are effectively battling the enemy. In the end, you will learn to seek the Word as your armor.

Master this spiritual discipline by reading Powers of Light and Darkness. Be victorious in the war.



1 review for Powers of Light and Darkness

  1. Donna Diorio

    I am continuing to slowly read Dan Juster’s book because the nature of it – I just need to move slowly to absorb it all. There are so many startling revelations dropped in this thing it has been mind-blowing to me. The majority of it is just going through every book of the Bible where Dan summarizes any activity of “Angels, Demons and Spiritual Warfare”. While he tells a little about what various groups have made of the information, he really is laser focused on what EXACTLY the Bible says and does not say. Then he drops these ‘revelation bombs’ in every few pages & that is why I am going so slowly through it.

    I have long recognized that Dan Juster has a huge amount of biblical wisdom. He is a theologian, theologically trained in the Scriptures but with an unusually powerful faith in the supernatural. That is something that I certainly don’t associate with the word “theologian.” But Dan has one foot firmly in sound theology and the other foot firmly planted in the supernatural. I like that! I don’t want one without the other.

    I highly recommend this book. All those stellar faith leaders who wrote recommendations about this book in the opening pages certainly saw the same thing I’m seeing: this book is going to be a classic work. It is stability of the scriptures for some and a reset of faith for others in all things supernatural.

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