Prison Miracles


John is a prisoner in a large Israeli jail complex. He became a believer while in prison and has been ministering there for many years. He has led many to the Lord and has discipled them in the faith. The Poriya Congregation supports John monthly, enabling him to make phone calls out of the prison. Every Friday he places a call to our congregation from the prison wall phone, and repeats what he hears to listening prisoners. The message is translated to Hebrew, Arabic, Russian and Amharic!

As a member of the leadership team of Kehilat Poriya, I began to dialogue with John about how we could do more to reach the prisoners. Since the Lord has used me to pray for many healings, we thought of offering them prayer for healing. John arranged a phone conference call to connect five prisons across Israel, and reported that a total of 390 prison residents participated. Many requested prayer. Prayer requests included freedom from fear, hopelessness, blood pressure, diabetes, cancer etc.

As we prayed, the Lord started to move. One inmate, while trying to avoid arrest, had broken his back. After we prayed for his back injuries, he and four others gave testimony that the Lord had removed all their pain and they were healed. Hallelujah! Then God began to heal frozen shoulders. Knees were next. Many inmates who could hardly walk were fully healed and walking. We allowed the Lord to lead and found ourselves praying for prostate cancer, arthritis, deafness, eyesight, hearts and migraine headaches.

The Lord gave us a word of knowledge that a man had horribly abused his sister when he was young. The man was able to admit that this was correct, and he felt terrible guilt and pain. The Lord spoke through us and said, “I have set you free and healed your heart and your sister’s heart; restoration is for today.

Another man had been haunted by dreams of people he had murdered. He hadn’t slept normally for years. He told us that he had tried everything, including medicine. A few days later John reported that the man had been delivered and set free by the Lord. Now he is getting a full night’s sleep and having wonderful dreams – even about his mother baking bread for him. The dream was so powerful that he woke up in his cell still smelling fresh baked bread. John, who made the conference call possible, was not left out in the healing. He suffers from high blood pressure and took four pills a day. We prayed for him, and today he needs only one pill a day. What a wonderful God we serve!

Although the miracles were magnificent, I felt the most rewarding part was ministering to a man with a life sentence. He wanted to know what would happen after he died. How would he know if he would go to heaven? I was blown away as the Lord allowed us the privilege of giving a salvation message to 390 men in five prisons across Israel in response to this question. I am pleased to report that another telephone conference call will take place in the upcoming weeks. God has set the bar high, and we are excited to see what He has in store for the future.