Passover is not Over


“God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble” (Psalm 46:1).

In the weeks since Passover we have all witnessed an unprecedented time of changes and challenges. Yet through it all God has proven faithful. He has been a present help in this time of trouble.

Passover for us in Israel is a season when we celebrate the miraculous existence of Israel as a nation in spite of strong enemies, whether thousands of years ago, or in our lifetime. It is a season to celebrate our rebirth in Yeshua the Passover Lamb and embrace His resurrection. As a community we also hold outreaches in our city to convey God’s love and care to His people by providing practical humanitarian support to needy families.

This year, as in past years, we pledged to help 800 local families. However, unlike any other year, as we prepared the food outreach, the coronavirus pandemic became a real threat. The very days that we were hoping to distribute the food bags, the government severely limited contact and transportation within the population.

While in the past our problem was having fewer bags than people in need, this time our problem was the opposite because the needy were not allowed to come to our facility. We had bags ready to distribute, but didn’t know how we could deliver them to their recipients.

But our challenges are opportunities for God. Initially we mobilized people from our wonderful family at Tents of Mercy congregation who would voluntarily take the bags to peoples’ homes. While doing so, we were contacted by the city about getting help from the army. In a beautiful expression of solidarity, soldiers came within two days, and distributed the food bags on our behalf. It was such an incredible testimony of God’s faithfulness and His favor that the city would request help from the army for us.

Helping together reminds me of an Ethiopian proverb from my own childhood: “50 lemons are heavy for one person; but for 50 people they are light.” 

This has been one of those moments that we will remember. We are not on our own. God is still the God of the Passover. God helps us pass over and through the challenges life throws at us.

We are also so thankful to our readers and partners in the kingdom who continue to stand with us and Israel during these tumultuous times. Words fail to convey the depth of appreciation we feel towards you all.

May we be encouraged more and more that He is a very present help in trouble.