Outreach to New Immigrants in Israel


Shalom Dear Friends!

To tell you the truth, I actually much prefer working as a pastor with theology – more than I do writing reports! However, in this ministry I wear several different hats. I am a pastor for just 30 percent of my time, and during the other time I manage the ministry and work with people in Haifa.

Therefore, I would like to present the following report compiled by one of our part-time co-workers.

Today we are running an education department, a humanitarian aid department and a department of congregational planting. All of this requires much work by a dedicated, anointed team and a significant budget.

The humanitarian aid department includes the ministry to Olim (new immigrants), the ministry to Holocaust survivors and two soup kitchens in Haifa and Nazareth. The following relates only to our work among the Olim. Here is the report:

  • Consultations and meetings with representatives of 42 families (approximately 200 people). Most of them immigrated from Ukraine and needed advice, humanitarian assistance and useful contacts and addresses. Some of them come from “tense zones in the Ukraine,” and they need more than just advice. They need prayer and a compassionate listener, sometimes more than once.
  • About60 phone conversations with people regarding apartments, jobs and assistance with opening a bank account. This required a bit more than the usual work time, but we could not stop helping.
  • We ordered and distributed 50 sets of pots and pans to new immigrants. I am sure everyone was very satisfied and grateful. The sets will serve them for many years.
  • A special evening dedicated to couples. At first it was planned as an outing for couples from the congregation, but then it turned into an event for new immigrants. Sixteen couples attended the evening, danced and listened to the Word of God. For many of them it was the first time at such an event, and they received a blessing and revelation. Some people came spontaneously and were really touched. About ten people from the congregation came and volunteered to help during the event: decorating, setting tables, making music and fellowshipping. Many of the visitors might be candidates for the new Aleph (Alpha) seminar which is planned for January. This is a prayer point.
  • I can see that many Olim are visiting our Shabbat services. They listen with interest, but many come only once or twice. We should pray for wisdom about how to start a “follow up” process for them.

As we read this report, it is obvious that since the time of Yeshua (Jesus) nothing has changed: “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.”

Please pray for revelation from Heaven for everyone whom our people have touched, for their hearts and for them to be rooted in the Land of their Fathers. With God everything is possible.

We wish you a blessed New Year!

Leon Mazin, english.shaveitzion.org