Olive Tree Discipleship Project

Dear Friends,

How did Yeshua raise up His disciples? This is an important question because these men would be charged with the task of spreading this Gospel message to the “ends of the earth.” They had to be ready! Yeshua didn’t use newsletters, didn’t write books on leadership or even have a blog! All these things are good, and this writer employs all of them to serve the body of Messiah. But Yeshua, the most effective discipler in world history, had a very simple method.


For three years he trained his team in an intimate small group setting. It was an exclusive group—you had to be chosen. Over the past 2,000 years people have tried to improve upon this method. Today we have megachurches and skype meetings, but it remains true that the most effective way to disciple someone is through intensive one on one or small group relationships. In October 2019 Tikkun emissaries David Shishkoff and Joel Jelski are opening the 7th session of Olive Tree Discipleship in the Galilee. This is a unique discipleship program located in a rural village in the Galilee, and integrates daily spiritual disciplines, teaching and agricultural work; together with outreach and volunteer opportunities.


The program offers a special opportunity for local young people from Jewish and Arab backgrounds, to seek God together— working, living and learning alongside one another, putting into practice the vision of one new man here in Israel. The goal is to see God touch and transform young people and give them a heart for the harvest here in the Land and in the nations.


It will cost $6000 to run the program this year (students cover a portion of the cost and outreach). Would you like to be a part of making this happen by giving a special gift?


So far, we have taken 22 Israelis through this intensive program and have seen great results. Would you consider investing in Israel’s next generation of Messianic leaders? Please consider a gift of $50, $100 or even $500 so that we can stand with David and Joel to see more leaders raised up.

Thank you so much!

We bless you from Zion.

“Until all Israel is saved” (Romans 11:26),

Ron Cantor CEO,

Tikkun International


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