New Wave of Outreach in Tel Aviv With Signs Following


Some of the intercessors, inspired by the sermons of Todd White and Torben Sondergaard, have started going out on the streets of Tel Aviv, praying for the sick and sharing about Yeshua according to Luke 10. They have come back with testimonies of healings and open hearts. Many from our congregation and other congregations in Tel Aviv have caught the fire and joined in.

For several weeks already, there have been groups of believers on the streets of Tel Aviv almost every day, sharing the gospel, praying for people and extending help to those in need. There is a WhatsApp group dedicated to this purpose, and it is growing as more believers are exposed to what the Lord is doing. Even believers who were shy about their faith until now have started going out to share in the streets as well as in their places of work or study.

Please pray for this move of the Spirit to grow in strength, for God’s protection and for love, humility and unity amongst us. These are the ingredients that will defeat the plans of the enemy and advance God’s Kingdom.