New Season


As I contemplate the days I have walked through, I am overwhelmed with the grace and mercy of God. Only He can put hope in our hearts in the midst of deep grief – and not just from the loss of a loved one as I am dealing with but grief that comes from all kinds of trials. “And hope does not disappoint because the love of God has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit which has been given to us” (Romans 5:5). In these often emotionally difficult days, I am awed by God’s heart and His ever present goodness towards me and towards you whom He loves so very much.

We have experienced a difficult summer with the sudden deaths of good friends, both in and out of Israel in addition to the senseless terror killings both in the USA and in Israel. We struggle to understand all that is going on yet we know that God’s will for us is that we would continually walk in faith, never questioning His overwhelming love and good intentions.  God’s heart is that through this journey of life our faith will be strengthened and refined so that ultimately it will be proved genuine and will result in praise, glory and honor when Yeshua the Messiah is revealed (1 Peter 7).

Open Doors

I have received so many words of encouragement as to the plans that God has for me, to press on towards the high calling and to trust that He will open doors that no man can shut! I can see and feel him positioning me so that I may indeed do the works which He has prepared in advance for me to do.

In light of that, I will be continuing the “Third Season Gatherings” which were so dear to Eddie’s heart.  I hope to have the next one after the end of summer vacation when everyone returns to their normal schedule.

I also have restarted the home meeting which we had to cancel because of Eddie’s illness.  We met in my home this week and it was very blessed with beautiful worship and prayer. We are all happy to be meeting once again.

God has also opened some doors for me personally with neighbors as a result of Eddie’s illness and passing.  With a new boldness, I initiated contact with one woman we had met in the hospital several years ago and who I recently met again. She is recovering from cancer and the visit was very friendly and warm. She actually lives opposite another believer in our community and my hope is for both of us to visit her again in the near future and to pray for her. There are a few others who came to the house when I sat “shiva” and I am planning to invite some to come to the “Third Season Gathering“.

The other believers in our community have also had divine contacts with people here on our moshav as God seems to be arranging the parts in a most amazing way.

Please pray for this new season and that we will begin to see the fruit of our years of prayer as God opens the hearts of his people to come to Him. Pray for our home meeting and the Third Season Gathering that we will be a refuge of love for those with hungry hearts.

Elections again!

There is so much happening daily in this nation but the most intense at the moment is the upcoming elections which will be held on September 17th. Once again there is a flurry of new parties being formed, new alliances and with that hints of deep divisions among the established parties. The political scene here is too complicated to even begin to try and describe. Not only is there the traditional right, center and left factions but also the extreme religious, not so extreme and the moderate are all vying for place and position within the various right wing parties and coalitions.

Having a second election so soon after the first due to a failure of the Prime Minister to establish a coalition to run the government has never happened before in the history of Israel and it is a manifestation of the divisions that exist. It has truly been a painful national ordeal these last five months since the election in April. The nation so needs a time of respite and to unite and move forward.

Please pray for the election of a government that will be stable and strong with an ear to hear counsel from heaven.

Please pray for PM Netanyahu that he would have stamina and strength to lead this nation wisely in these days as he deals with the enormous pressure and tension in this troubled political arena.

Anti Semitism

Anti semitism is also on the rise in Europe and in the USA in a dramatic way. God has given this land to his people and it is a land that offers safely and protection, in spite of the darkness that surrounds it.

Israel is in a season of unprecedented growth and development.  The entry to Jerusalem is undergoing total renovation, with the addition of many office towers and hotels along with new roads, getting it ready for the increase in all areas of commerce and tourism that is expected in the coming years. It is a prophetic sign that things are changing! Renewal and revival are at the door! God is calling His people home and He promises to change their heart of stone to a heart of flesh when they return to Zion.

Please pray that Jews all over the world will begin the journey back “home” while there is still time and it is still easy to do. Pray that the Ministry of Interior will change hands in the next election and the doors will be opened wide to receive all Jews, both believers and non believers alike.

On a Personal Note

Lastly, I thank you from the depths of my heart for your faithful support in finances and prayer. Walking through this time has been an incredible experience and my heart is filled with gratitude for the love of God that lives in His people and has been poured out on me.

Although I am missing Eddie more than words can say, I am also so excited about the days we are living in and expect to see great and marvelous things as the Kingdom of God is advanced in Israel and throughout the world.

To God be the Glory, now and forever.