Ministering To New Immigrants by Leon Mazin



As a congregation, we understand that in addition to spiritual support and material help, a sense of family and home are very important for people–especially for new immigrants. That is why one of the priority areas at Return to Zion Ministry is serving the newly repatriated immigrants. At the same time, we believe that the return of the Jewish people to the land of Israel is not only an important commandment of the Almighty God, but also an opportunity to reveal to these people the light and love of Yeshua the Messiah.

In our country there is a saying, “There is no immigration to the State of Israel; there is repatriation.” That means Jewish people are not coming to a new place, rather returning home from different countries and different cultures. Israel is such a melting pot for Jews from all over the world. Each one brings his and her own culture. We consider it very important to combine a home-like atmosphere and immersion in the messianic biblical truths.

One of the latest projects in this direction was the initiative of the home groups to invite families of new immigrants for the Friday night gathering to enter into the Sabbath together (Kabalat Shabbat). At the moment, four home groups have already participated in this project. Each time they gathered several new families from their area. Soon, we will also start the Alpha Club project, planned not only to teach biblical foundations, but also to create a friendly atmosphere, giving people new connections with home groups.

Prayer requests:

  • For those engaged in this ministry: That the Lord would give them the necessary wisdom and strength in the communication with new immigrants and help them to reflect Messiah Yeshua with their lives.
  • For the growth of home groups:  We have 6 home groups in our congregation, and we trust that God will raise up many more good leaders to reach as many people in Haifa and the region as He has planned for us.
  • For families of new immigrants: We know that it is not because of our efforts or because of our programs that people come to the Lord, but because of the Holy Spirit moving in their hearts. So please pray for all those families, that the Holy Spirit will touch their hearts and that they will receive Yeshua as their Lord and Savior.
  • For wisdom, protection, direction from God for the leaders of this ministry.