Looking Back & Looking Ahead



Peace upon you from the Father of our Savior, Yeshua the Messiah. Thank you for your faithful partnership with Return to Zion Ministry! It is such a blessing to have you teaming up with us to do God’s will in the land of Israel.

In 2019, we heard at least ten prophecies that spoke of how blessed and miraculous 2020 would be. Yet when the New Year arrived, it brought anxiety and stress to countless people around the globe, a depressing quarantine and unclear expectations of the future. We, too, have strongly felt the repercussions of the pandemic. Our congregation has almost totally transitioned to online meetings, losing precious face-to-face communication with many brothers and sisters.

However, this year has also brought the opportunity for many families to grow closer and spend more time together. We have also been given precious time to devote to prayer and intercession.

What are we to think of all this?

All in all, there were some mistakes as well as some successes; testing and sifting, separation and unification. “We know that to those who love God… called according to His will, everything works together for good” (Romans 8:28).

As the Hanukkah and Christmas season surrounded us, two thoughts persistently filled my heart:

Hanukkah as a symbol for re-dedication of the altar, renewal of the value of faith as well as renewal of confidence.

Christmas as a symbol for the power of God becoming flesh – as the Messiah in this world, and affirmation building up our faith in our heart. The book of Revelation reminds us: “Do not lose your first love.”

I want to wish each of you renewal and affirmation in the Lord our God, and the ability to bring forth the best! Grace and help to you these days! We love you!

Friends, you are our valued partners in the ministry here in Israel! Please remember us in your prayers: the work with the poor and new immigrants, the school for the arts and the members of our congregation during these uncertain times.

May the Lord be with us all as we continue into 2021 – bringing love and light to our communities!

Yours faithfully,

Leon and Nina Mazin