Jonathan and Belinda Allen lead Messianic Education Trust, an educational ministry based in England. Jonathan completed his PhD in Theology at Trinity College, Bristol, in 2017. He has been teaching adult classes for nearly twenty years. Something of a Hebrew Bible specialist, although equally at home in the Apostolic Writings, Jonathan teaches biblical Hebrew as well as a wide range of subjects from biblical criticism to the gospels, to studies of individual books, and practical subjects like prayer and how to read or study the Bible.

Jonathan and Belinda have served as Tikkun emissaries in the United Kingdom since 2003.

Messianic Education Trust

Messianic Education Trust is the teaching ministry of Jonathan and Belinda Allen in the UK.  As well as writing the weekly drash that appears on the main Tikkun website (and each day on Twitter), they teach a variety of courses both in-person and on-line.  They have been engaged in a major research
project investigating the role of continuing Jewish identity in Jewish believers in Messiah in the UK church and the viability of the dual-expression congregational model.  You can follow them on Twitter.

You can make a donation here to sponsor people, churches and congregations to receive our material without cost to them.  A small donation goes a long way to support the development of new ways of reaching out and offering encouragement, to power our servers and distribution channels, to give people the opportunity to hear God’s word and be challenged by it as the Spirit quickens their hearts and minds to hear.

You can be part of helping Jewish people come to faith and Messianic Jewish congregations to grow and mature; of helping harrassed, busy and even persecuted pastors to teach their congregations the words of life; of helping the church to come to a rightly balanced understanding of the whole word of God, both the Jewish and Apostolic Writings; and of helping the Body of Messiah to reach maturity in and through the Word.