Israel Under Attack


Eddie and Jackie SantoroSince 4:30 Monday afternoon Israel has been under attack from the terrorist group Hamas. Over 400 missiles have been shot into Southern Israel and it is still continuing at this moment.

There have been several direct hits and one man was killed and several others have been wounded seriously. Schools all over southern Israel are closed and many citizens in the more vulnerable areas have been confined to bomb shelters until further notice.

The Cabinet met this morning to try and determine the next course of action. Israeli troops are on alert if a ground invasion becomes necessary.

Israeli Home Destroyed by Missile

The Israeli Air Force has retaliated with strikes against various targets in the Gaza Strip but so far it has been a limited response waiting for the final word from the Cabinet meeting. Although this attack has been initiated by Hamas and has continued unabated, they are threatening Israel that if they don’t stop their attacks on Gaza, the missile strikes will go farther and deeper into Israel.

The situation is complex and fraught with political and military pitfalls.  We are requesting urgent prayer for the Israeli military and government leaders that they will have wisdom from heaven as they chart a course through these incredibly stormy waters. Pray for protection for all our soldiers and for all those living in the line of fire of these Gazan missiles.

Israeli Bus Destroyed by Anti-Tank MissileYesterday a military bus dropped off about 50 Israeli soldiers and then drove into a parking place. At that point, just minutes after all the soldiers were off the bus, it was hit with an anti-tank missile from Gaza and totally destroyed. One person standing near the bus was critically injured. The Israeli media is calling this a “miracle”. The Arab Israeli bus driver who escaped unharmed was quoted as saying: “God loves the Jews!”. Pray that we would see many more miracles like this and Israel’s eyes will turn toward their God as their Protector, Defender and Savior.

As we pray let us remember that “If God is for us who can be against us” and He who watches over Israel neither slumbers nor sleeps.