Is the Press Corrupt


I do seek to limit my posts on the issues of Donald Trump and the divisive political situation in the U. S.  I have my view of Donald Trump. I will add a bit to this post for you to know.

Recently Chris Wallace said that Donald Trump’s attacks on the press as corrupt and fake news are very bad for the society.  He argues that if the trust in the press is destroyed (and to a great extent it has been) then we are not as safe as a society.  I have watched him for many years and do enjoy his fair and hard questions for both Republicans and Democrats. Yet in this case, I think he is wrong.  We now have a partisan press. The legacy press is so in the tank for the Democrats and so anti-Trump that they have discredited themselves as corrupt.  Make no mistake about it, though there is a conservative press when you add in all the news sites and social media, information is still by far to the left.  Michael Goodwin, historically a Democrat who voted for Clinton is now blowing the trumpet on this corruption. He even notes an explicit change of policy at the New York Times to become partisan. Important news that could be seen as helpful to the President is suppressed.  Whether economic news, progress in enterprise zones in the poor areas of the city, or prison reform and so much more is simply not reported. The most egregious example recently is that the legacy channels, NBC, CBS, and ABC, on their main news broadcasts did not report the huge story on the head judge of the FISA court rebuking the members of the FBI for their errors in seeking a warrant to wiretap Carter Page and thereby the Trump campaign.  It got zero coverage on the day it came out. Indeed, how they reported the I. G. report on the history of the Trump Russia investigation was not an exoneration. His Senate testimony said so. It was only the predicate of its beginning that he noted was not provably biased, but the further errors as new warrants and wiretaps were sought left serious questions.

I do note that Fox News really does one thing that its detractors do not credit.  Its hard news shows like Bret Baier, are quite factual oriented and not promoting a partisan agenda.  Its panels have all sides. We saw such non-partisan reporting with Shephard Smith. When one watches the new channel form Israel, Channel 24, we can realize what a real news channel should be like.  It is amazing. The press really has brought this on themselves. There needs to be a press reformation with new organizations that emphasize news and commentary and have a balance of conservative and liberal newscasters and commentary writers The loss of journalistic standards goes back to our schools where objective reporting is rejected as impossible.  All only project their views or so it is taught.

As for President Trump.  For my friends, I have noted that I am troubled by the always Trumpers and the never Trumpers.  I think both are really over the top. There are now two polarized narratives about the President, that he is almost all good or all bad.  When there is such absolutist thinking on both sides, we can be sure that both sides are wrong. This is a principle of historical research and evaluation.  Having said that, many Trump policies are very good in my view and some are bad. I have lists I have done and won’t copy them here. But on abortion, religious liberty, constitutionalist judges, prison reform, enterprise zones, getting NATO countries to pay their fair share, fighting crime, Israel, and so much he has been right.  But in cozying up to ruthless dictator-murderers and complementing them he violates Scriptural principles about how we are to treat evil people. In speech that is personally demeaning people and name-calling, he violates James and other Scriptures which make this a cardinal issue of morality. It can bring a curse and open him up to demonic attack.  Also, if he leaves Afghanistan to the Taliban, he will leave a blood bath that will be horrendous. He has to face that we are in a war for the foreseeable future against radical Islamic movements and need the help of other Islamic leaders to fight it.

I am in touch with the prophetic movement. Credible prophets have helped us know that Trump’s election was God’s doing.  It is a time of respite. This is helpful to me. I felt great relief when corrupt Hillary was not elected. Yet this does not mean I lose my sense of proportion and the biblical norms for evaluating human behavior.