1. Senior Advisory Team
  2. Tikkun Israel is Birthed
  3. Ben Juster designated President of Tikkun America new NPO
  4. Ron Cantor, CEO of Tikkun International

Ron, Shalom,

BLESSED FEAST OF TRUMPETS! As we approach the “traditional” new year, it felt like a good time send out an update on some exciting developments in our Tikkun Global family. Almost five years ago we started to move toward a vision that involved several transitions for the future:

  1. First, to bring closer together the different streams of our ministry
  2. Secondly, to set the strategic center of our cooperative ministries more clearly in Israel
  3. Thirdly, to give more leadership authority to the next generation leaders.

Senior Advisory Team

To do this, we consolidated our Senior Advisory Team (SAT), made up of Dan Juster, Eitan Shishkoff, Paul Wilbur, Steve Erickson and myself. As President of Tikkun Global, I coordinate this SAT as we seek to provide general vision, direction and counsel to our future direction. The very fact that we have maintained our cooperation and friendship for over 40 years is a great testimony to the grace and faithfulness of God, and of our commitment to covenantal relationships and kingdom values.

Tikkun America

The American congregational network has grown to approximately two dozen congregations. The younger leadership team is made up of Ben Juster, Todd Westphal, Richard Cleary and others. Dan and the senior leaders in America are looking to transfer more and more apostolic team authority for the network to them in the next couple of years. The American network—Tikkun America—Is setting up its own nonprofit organization, and Ben Juster will serve as the president.

Tikkun Israel

In Israel we have a wonderful new group of five-fold ministry leaders, some of which were related more to me and others more to Eitan. Eitan was overseeing our joint fellowship. Last year we presented the younger leaders with the challenge of taking fuller responsibility for this burgeoning network or fellowship of leaders. After much prayer and discussion, they decided to join the two streams together, and to call the national fellowship “Tikkun Israel.” Guy Cohen, the leader of our Akko Congregation, was chosen to lead this group. They are discussing and praying about more ways to cooperate and how to define their structure in the years to come.

Restoration and Alignment

Last year we prayed for further understanding of how to work together. I had a sense that Tikkun International (our nonprofit organization) was to morph into a new stage of casting vision and media development, and to become a base to serve, support and strengthen the congregations in Israel as well as our dual restoration mandate. That mandate is to believe, with the worldwide body of Messiah, for the restoration and “alignment” of both Israel and the Church. (Acts 3:19-21)

We have already held two successful “alignment” roundtables of key apostolic and prophetic leaders from around the world, who met together for prayer, sharing and strategic unity. In addition, several of us have been involved in the “Global Gathering” movement with brother David Demian. Another bright note is that Paul Wilbur has led us into a supernatural breakthrough of cooperation with Pastor Stovall Weems of Celebration Church in Jacksonville. The list goes on and on. The international outreaches of almost all the Israeli leaders have touched Europe, Asia, Africa, South America and the Arab world. It is truly remarkable.

These global networking efforts, along with the transition to younger leadership and cooperation within our own streams, is positioning us all to serve a wider and multiplying vision, both in Israel and around the world. Although the attacks against us have also been intense, the sense of God breaking through in our midst for greater kingdom advance has been truly exciting. We are working together with you to produce a “synergy” in which what we do in unison will be exponentially greater than what we could do individually.

Ben Juster has been taking responsibility under my oversight for the alignment roundtable conferences and networking. In order to do this, and to deal with his responsibilities in the American network, we felt it was time for him to transition out of the management of the Tikkun International NPO in the USA.

New Role for Ron Cantor

We have clearly seen that the hand of the Lord has been on Ron Cantor to lead us into the new stage of Tikkun International. This is a natural transition, as Ron is and has been for many years a spiritual son to me, Dan, Eitan and Paul. We are deeply excited to see his new position under our wings. Ron’s responsibilities will also include all the aspects of development, media and support. Ron will be taking on the position of CEO, with full responsibility and authority, under the oversight of the Tikkun International board and the senior advisory team.

So there is no confusion, I am still leading our worldwide family—Tikkun Global—along with the “founding fathers” – Dan, Eitan and Paul. Ron will be overseeing the Tikkun International nonprofit. This next year will bring an even greater consolidation of the younger generation to lead our family network worldwide.

Organizational Transformation!

Ron and Steve have led us into an organizational transformation to meet this expanded vision. This reorganization will include moving the office to the Dallas area to provide better support raising, working together with a large professional missions agency to streamline and enhance our services to our emissaries on the front lines here in Israel, hiring some new development staff and upgrading all our media ministries. We estimate that these changes could save in the coming years as much as $100,000 a year very soon, enabling us to sow more into Tikkun-related ministries in Israel!

Our Precious Maryland Team

I want to take this opportunity to bless all of our incredibly loyal and sacrificing personnel in the Maryland office. One of the indicators to us that the move to Texas was directed of the Lord was the announcement from Pam Briner, who has been our awesomely faithful office manager in Maryland all these years, that her husband Steve has received a diplomatic appointment to serve in Turkmenistan. In some ways, this served as a confirmation to us. Their move to Central Asia and these new organizational changes are moving forward quickly and should all be in place by the end of the year.

Please pray for Ron in his new leadership position as CEO. We’ve come a long way from when a few of us began to work together under Dan’s leadership in the late 1970’s and early 80’s.

Powerful Testimony

This is such a great testimony of God’s faithfulness to our philosophy of “raising up within.” All of these men assuming leadership have been with us for decades. Ron came to us in 1987 and actually lived with our family before he was married. Guy, a native Israeli, has been a spiritual son to Eitan for many years. And of course, Ben grew up in Tikkun, being Dan’s son.

I was so blessed last March at our yearly board meeting. On the second day, we bring all the Israeli pastors together and spend the day praying for each on and often prophesying. Each one gives a ministry and family report. It is always a special time.

At the end of this last gathering, one of the younger men asked for all of the pastors from Israel and some of US leaders who were there to gather in a circle. Then, they pledged covenantal love and loyalty to each other. It was a very special time and a kiss from heaven on our efforts to raise up leaders over the years.

Your Help is Needed

These next 90 days represent the key time of transition for this expanded vision. Please consider a special gift at this time to help launch us into the 2020 year of dual restoration vision. While these changes will lower our budget in the near future, these next few months of transition bring with them some short term financial challenges. Your help is greatly appreciated. The time to “favor Zion” really is at hand.

All our love in Yeshua,

Asher Intrater

President, Tikkun Global