How do we get Trustworthy Information


Some comments on US and Israel news reporting:

The loss of a commitment to objective news reporting and the domination of the media by the left has made it very difficult to know if we are gaining trustworthy news.  One could respond by saying they trust conservative media sources like Fox News and News Max.  I have been watching this for some time and do not think this is true.  What has happened is that Fox news is dominated by partisan shows.  Here is my evaluation:

  1. The Wall Street Journal probably is the most balanced news source in America.
  2. The Jerusalem Post and the Times of Israel are very good sources of reporting while seeking to really be non-ideological.  Both are Zionist but not strident.
  3. I 24 English news from Israel is international and amazingly objective and non- partisan.
  4. There are news programs on Fox that are seeking to be objective and non-partisan.  They are not the dominant programming on the station.   I would say that Bret Baier is the best news program on T. V. for objective reporting.

Few have time for this, but one can get a better idea if one listens to mainstream and leftist cable and then listens to Fox and reads Newsmax.  What becomes amazing is how one picks and chooses from information to partisan ends on both sides. It is interesting how stories that make Democrats look bad are just suppressed.  The larger amount of information that provides context is skewed.   Here are some examples.

  1. Some time ago I posted a comprehensive review of the responses to COVID 19.  It shows the failures and the right responses of everyone.  In partisan news one only picks the information that shows his side to have responded rightly and the other side wrongly.
  2. The reporting on the Centers for Disease Control is a case in point.  When the CDC missed it and did not sound the alarm early on, the right makes a big deal of this so as to support Trump.  When Trump calls into question CDC information the left makes the CDC an almost infallible source of information and advice.  This is the case with Anthony Fauci who has missed it sometimes and gotten it right sometimes.  He also did not sound the alarm early on.  But you never get the balance from partisan news.
  3. So also with China.  They really did unleash this on the world, but the left wants to play this down and even call it racist so they can blame Trump.

Sadly, gaining accuracy requires more time than most people have time to give.  May we be wise in consuming news, and may the Holy Spirit guide us to know when something is wrong in reporting.