Historic Times! A Zion's Glory newsletter


Sunday, May 21, 2020 was an historic day in Israel. This was the first time that a sitting Prime Minister has appeared in court to face criminal charges. The investigation which was started years ago has finally resulted in a trial under the shadow of the Corona Virus – with everyone in court wearing masks and in the backdrop of a very new Unity government. Gantz refused at first to participate in a Unity government because he said he wouldn’t sit with a Prime Minister who was facing criminal charges. As time went on and the Corona crisis grew and enveloped the country and the economic situation grew more dire, Gantz agreed to Netanyahu’s request to join him. This was a real political upset but he said he was willing to pay the price in order to prevent a certainly devastating fourth election and because of the overall severe crisis in the country; medically, economically and psychologically, as the political tensions were causing damaging division.

This trial couldn’t be happening at a worse time as the country is just beginning its recovery from the Corona shutdown. Schools are open, as are most commercial establishments, albeit with certain restrictions and with restaurants scheduled to open this week for regular business. People are out on the streets and on the beaches. Through all that was going on, the spread of the virus was contained and there were relatively low numbers of infected and subsequent deaths.

The economic situation has, of course, suffered quite a bit with unemployment still very high and with so many small business casualties and the bigger businesses dealing with huge losses. Tourism, the backbone of this nation, is still on hold although there is hope that this summer will see the reactivation of international travel, although there are many complicated questions as to how all that will take place.

There has never been a time like this in the history of this nation and the trial of its Prime Minister is yet another incredible situation that adds to the recovery stresses. Emotions are running high on each side of the political spectrum. No doubt this trial will go on for an extended period and demand much energy and time from many government leaders.

Please pray for true justice to shine forth in this battle. Pray for the merciful hand of the Lord to continue to help this country move forward in its recovery, and that Prime Minister Netanyahu and Benny Gantz will end up with a working and supportive relationship that would surprise the both of them! Pray that truth and wisdom will be manifest.


On a positive note, the nation will happily be celebrating Shavuot on Thursday evening, May 28th and not on a lockdown! This holiday will be the first one since the virus outbreak that Israelis can celebrate and go to hotels and vacation places in the country. Traditionally, Shavuot is an agricultural holiday related to the Harvest and also one in which the rabbis believe that the Torah was given on Mt. Sinai.

Two thousand years ago, during this time, God called those early disciples to join together in prayer and to wait in the Upper Room. After ten days of waiting, on that day of Shavuot, called Pentacost by the Christian Church, tongues of fire fell on the disciples and the Holy Spirit was poured out in Jerusalem with three thousand new believers added to their numbers in one moment! On that day, the law was written in the hearts of men, no longer just on stone. The gospel has not stopped spreading since then and the world has never been the same!

Because of the unique global shutdown, the Body of Messiah in Israel has been joined together via zoom, not only with each other but with the world wide Body and there has been more unity in prayer and repentence than any other time in history! And because of all that, there is great expectation that this Shavuot will be a uniquely memorable one and will be the follow up to the incredibly special Passover that we experienced in the Spirit. As in the days following Yeshua’s ascension to heaven, we believe that this Shavuot will usher in the greatest historic outpouring of the Holy Spirit since that day and the beginning of the world wide revival that we have longed to see for so long.

I strongly encourage you to join in for a very special time with believers from around the world in an event called “The Outpouring” on the eve of Shavuot, Thursday, May 28th. Please click on the link below for more information.



Another historic event took place in Israel several weeks ago as the TV channel,”Shelanu” began broadcasting believing content in Hebrew for the first time in Israeli history. It didn’t take long for the religious authorities to take note and there has been a lot of backlash and demands for the cable company to take the channel off the air. The lawyers for Shelanu will be presenting their case this week and a decision will follow shortly thereafter.

Please join us in praying fervently for this channel to be allowed to continue. Israel is a democratic country with freedom of speech but Yeshua has always been and continues to be the “stumbling stone”. Because of the difficult history of anti-Semitism that the Jewish people have had to endure down through the centuries mainly by the church, culminating in the Holocaust, there is such deep distrust and passionate vehemence against any perceived attempt to influence a Jewish person.

Ahavat Yeshua

The congregation is planning on meeting together once again on June 20th. We are all very excited to resume our weekly meetings but we have a sense that things will be different. We have walked through a great shaking, an intense time and although we are resuming a more “normal” life, nothing seems quite the same.

Please pray for us as we come together and endeavor to hear the heart of the Lord and to follow his leading. Please continue to pray for those who are currently unemployed and struggling. May we all walk in the supernatural peace He promises to those whose hearts are steadfast, trusting in Him.

These are truly historic and prophetic times and even more so for me personally as the year anniversary of Eddie’s passing draws near on June 15th. Incredible that this “first” meeting of the congregation that Eddie helped to found is happening during this same week. God has graciously allowed me to feel the inexpressible joy that Eddie is basking in as he lives in His presence. Knowing that joy has carried me through these days of missing the incredible pleasure of his company by my side.

As I have said so many times, the grace of the Lord is sufficient and my heart is filled with hope.

“Eye has not seen, ear has not heard and mind has not conceived what God has in store for those who love him.”  (1 Cor. 2:9)

I thank you all for your overwhelming love, faithfulness and support.

With love from Zion,