Harvest of Asher Congregation and Ministry is led by its founder Guy Cohen. Guy grew up in Acco, the ancient port city on Israel’s northern coast, in an Orthodox Jewish religious environment, studying the Old Testament and rabbinical teachings. In 1997 the Lord opened Guy’s eyes, and Guy accepted Yeshua (Jesus) as his Messiah. His background and training in the Hebrew scriptures has given Guy an unusual perspective into the Word of God and the Jewish roots of faith in Yeshua. In 2015 Guy completed an M.A. in Messianic Ministry at the Israel College of the Bible.

In 1997 Guy and his wife Tali joined the Tents of Mercy congregation just south of Acco. Soon they received a calling and a vision to restore the altar of worship to God in Acco, but they remained at Tents of Mercy, being equipped and serving, from 1997 to 2005 until the door opened for the Harvest of Asher Congregation to be birthed. Harvest of Asher is part of the Tents of Mercy network and is called to serve God, Acco and the biblical territory of the Tribe of Asher.

Today the Harvest of Asher ministry through the leadership of Guy and Tali continues to serve believers in Acco as well as the surrounding area. In addition the ministry conducts various humanitarian aid projects including a children’s after school program.

Guy’s focus when speaking in the nations is:

  • Jewish roots of the faith.
  • The Nation of Israel’s calling in the end times. Helping to remove the veil from the eyes of the nations toward Israel.
  • Preparation for the end times and the return of Yeshua.
  • The one new man, Jews and Gentiles one in Yeshua.