God is Love


We are happy to report that Spring has arrived in Israel! The warmer temperatures and the beautiful greenery and colorful flowers everywhere are a delight to our senses. It is especially welcome after our longer than usual winter with cold temperatures and lots of rain. We welcome this season of new life filled with hope and blessing.

With the beginning of Spring and the celebration of Purim behind us, the nation is now preparing for the Passover holiday. This is one of the most major holidays in Israel, with schools closed for two and half weeks. The stores are filled with festive holiday gifts, bakeries are selling out their stock as the nation stops eating bread for the duration of the holiday. Supermarkets are busily moving shelves around as they stock the foods acceptable for Passover and close off the ones that are unacceptable because of their leaven (yeast) content. Any foods that are made with leaven are not allowed to be sold in the regular supermarkets.

This happens because God says in Deuteronomy 16:3 that for seven days you shall eat with it unleavened bread, the bread of affliction (for you came out of the land of Egypt in haste), so that you may remember all the days of your life the day when you came out of the land of Egypt.  And in Exodus12:20: During those days you must not eat anything made with yeast.

To eliminate any traces of leaven, people start deep cleaning their homes and even their cars weeks before the start of the holiday. Finally, on the night of April 19th, the cleaning ends and Jews all over the world gather for a “seder” meal and recount the story of the Exodus and honor the God of Israel who with a mighty arm delivered his people from the bondage of slavery and brought them to freedom in the Promised Land. Join us in praying that on this night Jews would recognize their Messiah in this incredible story and many hearts would experience the total deliverance from the bondage of sin to a new life in Him.


The country can now catch its breath after an intense few months of campaigning. Prime Minister Netanyahu was elected for the 5th time which is a record in Israeli history. Although the race was very close, Bibi was able to come up with a coalition of 65 people which gives him a clear majority in the Knesset. Please keep the Prime Minister in prayer as he begins this new term with incredible stresses and battles to be fought. Pray for strength and stamina in the natural and wisdom to walk through the turbulent times that await him – from the conflict on the Gaza border to Hezbollah and Iran in the north to the unveiling of the Trump Peace Plan and the personal battle with corruption indictments standing against him.


It’s been a difficult but amazing few weeks on the health front. Eddie has experienced some weakening overall but he is a fighter and refuses to give up! His great optimism permeates every situation wherever he is and whatever challenge he faces. We have had several people from different agencies come to the house to interview us as we are eligible for certain benefits. We know that each one has felt the presence of God and has been deeply touched by the love and positive outlook that we express.  We are so very grateful and awed at the way God uses us even in our weakest condition! Indeed in our weakness, He is strong! We speak of the Lord to each person and we know that we are planting good seeds!

Throughout this time, we have been inundated with overwhelming and sacrificial expressions of love from our dear friends in our congregation, from those we know throughout the Land and even from the four corners of the earth including those we don’t know! Someone told us that they had visited four different congregations in Israel and in each one they prayed for Eddie. We are so deeply grateful and humbled by this love that is such a beautiful manifestation of the love of the Father living in his children. How wonderful it is when His Body operates according to God’s heart and what joy it must bring Him to see his children loving one another.  When we love one another in truth and in spirit, we are achieving the goal for which we were created. Receiving all this love from those around us just causes us to be more in awe of our God and King, His Body and His great purposes for us.

We are walking through the greatest and most difficult trial of our lives and yet our hearts are filled with hope, peace and  joy. It is definitely supernatural! We thank you for your ongoing prayers for us at this time. We are continuing to stand in Him, believing his word and declaring his truth: By his stripes, we are healed!

In this Passover and Easter season, as we remember Yeshua, crucified and risen from the dead, it is our prayer that we will all come to know Him and the power of His resurrection. As we remember his faithfulness to the children of Israel, may we all have confidence to know and believe that his hand is not too short to save and that he has delivered us and he will continue to deliver us.

Truly, to Him be the glory, now and forever.

With love from Zion,