God is for us!


It’s amazing but the rains continue to fall! This has certainly been the rainiest and coolest winter we have experienced in many years. Normally by now the flowers are bursting into full bloom in our garden but the weather has not been quite warm enough. More rain fell last night and more is expected later this week. We turn the clock ahead on Friday morning and we expect warmer weather to come and for the trees to explode with the fullness of new growth. Spring is always the season of new hope and renewal and of course the season of Resurrection. May it be so in our hearts as we live each day.


As we wrote last time, the doctor told us that the treatment Eddie was getting was no longer effective as the tumor has continued to grow. There is no further treatment left that he could recommend. We have one more visit this week to finalize this and then our long four year season of going to the hospital and meeting with the doctor and his nurse will be coming to an end.

We trust that we have been a testimony of the love of Yeshua and that in some way they have been touched and have seen the reality of the true Jewish Messiah.  Please join us in praying that the seeds that were planted will find rich soil in their heart.

We continue to trust the Lord and to stand in faith.  We know that to live is Messiah and to die is gain. We are winners no matter what the eventual outcome but we continue to declare LIFE! God is good and his mercy endures forever! We desire only to walk faithfully with God and to be a declaration of his goodness in every situation.

Please continue to pray for a miraculous healing and a total restoration of the areas of the brain that have been affected. We appreciate your prayers more than ever in this time. 


News Flash: Yesterday morning a missile was fired from Gaza and hit a home in the Sharon area in Israel near Kfar Saba. This is in the central and highly populated part of Israel. The missile hit a house and injured seven people. This follows the missile attack that was “accidentally” shot towards Tel Aviv several weeks ago.

This is a very serious escalation in the volatile situation between Gaza and Israel. There have been ongoing violent demonstrations on the border with many explosive devises and rocks being thrown at soldiers in addition to incendiary balloons being launched. Throughout the territory of Gaza the humanitarian situation continues to deteriorate under the repressive control of Hamas with huge numbers unemployed and the level of poverty increasing with lack of water, sanitation and electricity. Last week, protests by Gazans against Hamas were violently and quickly put down.

Please pray that Gazans would see clearly that their true enemy is Hamas and not Israel.  Pray always for wisdom in strategy for the Israeli government as they plan their counter attacks. Pray for Prime Minister Netanyahu who is currently in the USA meeting with President Trump and returning to Israel early in order to deal with this situation.


The race and rhetoric is heating up as the time for the election approaches. Prime Minister Netanyahu received a boost with President Trump’s declaration of intent to recognize the Golan Heights as part of Israel. PM Netanyahu said that his relationship with Trump was more solid than with any other world leader and also that the strength of the alliance with the USA at this moment is unsurpassed.

Please continue to pray for these elections on April 9. The dynamics are complicated. There are so many parties, coalitions and different important issues that no one party can address. In addition, the United States Peace proposal will be unveiled after the elections. This proposal has the potential to be historic in its initiatives and the newly elected Prime Minister will be a significant player in the outcome of this proposal. The fiber of this “unsurpassed” relationship between the two countries might be sorely tested as Israel is likely to be asked to make hard concessions. The newly elected Prime Minister will truly need to be a man of wisdom and strength. Pray for God’s choice!


We had such a fun and joyeous Purim celebration on Shabbat. Everyone both young and old loves to come in costume and to listen to the wonderful story of deliverance as Esther, under Mordechai’s guidance fulfills her destiny and boldly goes before the King to stand for her people that they might be rescued from evil Haman and his plan to exterminate the Jews.  It is a time of victory celebration and confirmation that Israel lives and that no weapon formed against this nation will prosper!  Following the festivities, we all shared a wonderful lunch together.

Throughout the week, there are parades and celebrations in each town and city. On the last day before the Purim vacation, the students and teachers all come in costume and have special programming.  On Purim itself all the streets are filled with people dressed up in a myriad of decorative creativity.  It is a festive happy time with lots of cookies called “Haman’s ears” being eaten and gifts of sweet treats shared with one another.

Third Season

Once again we are hosting a “Third Season” gathering at our house this Friday.  This is a wonderful evening for our over 60’s crowd and expect about 30 to attend. Each time we meet is a particularly special blessing especially during this time of personal trial that we are walking through. The joy of the Lord is our strength and we pray that this night will be filled with great joy as we express our love to God and to one another.

With the end of the Purim festivities, the nation turns its attention towards Passover and the wonderful celebration of the deliverance from bondage to freedom, as the former nation of slaves miraculously walked through the Red Sea into the Promised Land.  Whether we talk about the elections, battles with our political enemies or our health, the same God who has delivered us from every enemy is the same God who walks with us today. His promises are still “yes and amen”. 

We thank you as always for your faithful support, prayers and words of encouragement. We are grateful beyond words.

To God be the Glory!

With love from Zion,