God Heard And He Knew


Verses for the new year…

In the midst of the crises of the brokenness and suffering of humanity God assures us that he knows what we are going through.

This is the message from the Torah portions read around the world as the New Year was welcomed in.

And God heard their groaning, and God remembered His covenant…and God knew. (Exodus 2:24)

… Therefore tell the children of Israel, “I am the LORD, and I will deliver you…and rescue you… and redeem you…” (Exodus 6:6)

God allows human free will and interactions almost unthinkable leeway, even to the point of murder and depravity, yet he still has a solution.

“I have surely seen the oppression of my people… and have heard their cry… for I know their sorrows. And I have come down…” (Exodus 3:7)

“Yay!” they must have thought. “He has finally come down and is going to sovereignly intervene!”

Then a most unexpected thing happened. We would have hoped that the Author of the universe had finally been fed up with his free will “thing,” which was allowing Egypt to oppress the Israelites – and that he would just zap Egypt. But instead, God’s solution involved finding some humans and starting to intervene through their obeying his instructions and declaring his words. In this case the vessels he found were Moses and Aaron.

…the cry of the children of Israel has come before me, and I have seen the oppression with which Egypt is oppressing them, and now go [Moses] and I will send you… Bring my people the children of Israel out of Egypt… and I will be with you… (Exodus 3:9-12)

God is looking for people who will become available to cooperate, to be His agents of interventions in our day as well.