Evil, When to Say the Word


One of my dear friends wrote to me that I should not use the word evil of people. I do want to clear up any misunderstanding.  I am not saying that Democrats individually or those who vote for them are evil.  I think there are Democrats who are good people and Republicans who are bad people.  But my words have to do with the party corporately. I think everyone would say that the Nazi Party was evil and most of its leaders were evil, but not all in the party were.  At what point can such pointed language be used?

In Genesis 18:3 we read of Sodom and Gomorrah that, “The outcry against Sodom and Gomorrah is great indeed, and their sin is very grievous indeed.” And we know the rest of the story.  Billy Graham many times said that if God does not judge America, He will have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah.   In one sense, until we find salvation in Yeshua, the Bible teaches that were are all as an unclean thing.  I suppose we could say that evil is much a part of us all.   Romans 1:29-31 say, “They became filled with all unrighteousness, wickedness, greed, evil.  They are full of envy, murder, strife, deceit, malice. . . inventors of evil . . . that those who practice such things deserve death—they not only do them, but also approve of those who practice the same.”  A similar and alarming description is found in Isaiah 59.

Now reading such words amazes us. Surely it cannot be so bad.  Or is it?  When say that a political party can become evil it is due to its thrust on many issues.  In 1978 I met with Jimmy Carter’s liaison for religious affairs.  I plead with him on the abortion issue and the sad position of President Carter, an Evangelical Christian.  His view was “I am personally against abortion but believe it is a woman’s right to choose.”  That was the beginning of my exit from the Democratic party and sadly so, for I agreed with many other policies.  Should someone have a right to choose to kill their child?  It is also a burden and dependent.  Or a handicapped child (this will be accepted in the future, mark my words).

When we now look at the record, I want to ask us if evil is the right conclusion.  Here is a list.

  1.  Support for radical abortion rights so that the child can be killed at the moment just before birth at full term.  Not one Democrat except Bill Casey would vote against this.  This includes total support for partial-birth abortion.
  2. Support for the use of fetal tissue in science and medicine and the terrible industry that profits off of abortion and incentivizes abortion.
  3. Support not only for basic civil rights for different sexual orientations (a case can be made for that) but forcing Christians to submit to the agenda of the LGBT movement which is much more.   This includes the following.
  1. Requiring adoption agencies to allow couples in every kind of orientation to adopt children.  Requiring religious organizations to conform to the LGBT agenda.  This has decimated Catholic agencies.  This is contrary to all social science research on the welfare of children.
  2. Requiring conscious violations of private service businesses that create art for cakes, weddings, etc. to give in to the agenda and create art to support what they believe is immoral.  There are plenty of people to do their art, but they want to destroy and gain conformity.
  3. As I write a case is at the Supreme court against private religious schools hiring only people according to their faith confession unless they are ministers.  This would destroy schools like Wheaton College and Christian grammar and high schools.
  4. Support for Planned Parenthood and wanting to repeal the Hyde Amendment does not force Christians, Muslims, and Orthodox Jews to give their tax dollars directly to support abortion.  With Trump, States now can opt-out of Planned Parenthood support.
  5. Putting pressure on countries for U. S. aid and trade to embrace the LGBT rights agenda.  President Trump has suspended this.
  6. Campaigning against all who teach traditional morality as proponents of hate.  Shutting down and getting business leaders fired who support traditional marriage as God’s law.  They now lose their civil rights.
  7. Requiring the military to accept the idea of a pregnant man in the barracks.
  8. Requiring women’s sports to accept transgenders and thus destroying women’s sports.
  9. Destroying businesses whose leaders support traditional marriage even if they do not discriminate in hiring (Chick Fil A?)
  10. Seeking to make any kind of sexual arrangement among consenting adults as equal to marriage.  No longer seeing marriage and the family as a high value and priority.
  1. Destroying Bret Kavanaugh on a totally trumped up set of allegations with no evidence.  Why?  Because he might be a vote against abortion on the Supreme Court.  Destroying him and his family was o.k. with them.   Abortion would still be legal in most states anyway but just not a constitutional right.
  2. Creating a nest of lies from Adam Schiff on Russia and Trump.  The Democrats stood as  one in fostering the lies.  Now with the transcripts of the house intelligence committee,  the level of lies is blatant and painful to behold.
  3. Destroying a Lt. General on a set up or entrapment.  Destroying his finances and threatening his son to get him to give a false plea.
  4. Restricting religious liberty and Christian clubs at universities, or controlling pulpit speech.

In my view, the Democrats stand as one in supporting this agenda whenever votes come up or in accommodating the radical left in its hate speech accusation abuses.   The hate speech claim is pure intimidation and power assertion and it is working.  All should read Mike Brown’s great book Jezebel’s War Against America.

Is this enough to all this party evil, though not all the people who are Democrats.  Now there are bad Republicans, but the party does not stand for these things.