Esther’s Call


These and a thousand more searing headlines and bombastic statements have filled the media since the July 12 missile attack on Israel’s northern cities. As those caught in the crosshairs of the Iran-Syria-Hizb’allah-Hamas axis, we search the Scriptures earnestly for understanding and for marching orders. To what previously unknown level of faith and trust is our God calling us?

In eerie similarity to the summer of 2006, the Book of Esther (set in 5th century BCE Persia – modern Iran!) provides us with insight and instruction. In October, 2005, Ahmadinejad said “Israel must be wiped off the map.” In the same spirit, the Persian “prime minister”, Haman, attempted to destroy all the Jews. The spiritual principality bent on Israel’s demise is not rooted in Lebanon. Ancient Lebanon was actually in covenant friendship with Israel (see Solomon’s exchange with Hiram, 1 Kings 5). Our war is not with Lebanon. Hizb’allah receive their orders from their Iranian warlords. The terror organization has simply been using Southern Lebanon as the staging ground in their insidious attempt to eradicate Israel. Israel is again facing the Prince of Persia. We know this unrelenting foe from Daniel 10:20.

As I write this article, I am interrupted by air raid sirens signaling the arrival of Katyusha rockets hurled at us by the Hizb’allah. This 2500 year fight is not over yet. Is there hope? As servants of the God of Israel, both those living in the land and those aligned with Israel around the world, how can we cooperate with the counsel of the Almighty?

ONE Courageous Woman of Faith Changed History

Persia’s plan to annihilate the Jews was foiled by the courage and faith of one woman. Esther stood against the legions of hell at the risk of her life. A Persian queen of hidden Jewish identity, she chose to reveal her true identity and to go boldly before the king to secure deliverance for her people. Here is the formula: Refusing to remain uninvolved + calling on others to fast and intercede + coming boldly to the King’s throne to obtain mercy = Deliverance.

Can we do less than Esther did? History and divine providence positioned her to make a difference. Shall we avoid involvement as the international Christian community did during the Holocaust, failing to stand up in protest of Nazi atrocities? Or shall we accept Esther’s call, a call being handed us by history and divine providence?

How can you talk about coming to Israel at a time like this?

Perhaps this is not the most likely time to think about coming to Israel. But what better time to stand by Israel? You are needed. I hear “Esther’s Call” going forth from heaven. God is calling for Esthers … those who will not count their own lives dear for the high calling of Israel’s salvation and Yeshua’s return.

So we are boldly, enthusiastically inviting you to “Esther’s Call” an international conference and intercessory tour during March 1-8, 2007. Experience on-site prayer with pioneer Israeli congregations, exhilarating worship, inspiring teaching, rich fellowship with Israeli believers and the irreplaceable satisfaction of standing on the soil God has said will be His covenant sign to Israel and to all humanity forever.

This is our home. This is the territory Satan has been gunning for in this summer’s war with the Hizb’allah. We want to take you with us to the eye of the storm, where you will form bonds with people and places, in order to fulfill Esther’s call in your life.

Our Finest Hour

Though we have not yet entered the totality of world conflict seen in World War II, the words of Sir Winston Churchill carry gripping relevance. As Britain readied herself for a potential invasion by Nazi Germany, Churchill told his nation: “Let us therefore brace ourselves to our duties, and so bear ourselves that, if the British Empire … last for a thousand years, many will say This was their finest hour.” That phrase does something to me. It makes me want to rise to the occasion.

Yeshua tells us as His disciples

“If anyone would follow me, let him deny himself daily, take up his cross and follow me.”

 Esther, though she preceded Yeshua by five centuries, decided to approach her relationship with God in this same manner. At a time of life and death crisis, she dedicated time to seeking God through prayer and fasting. Then, she “loved not her life unto death” and went before the king to save her threatened people. It is this very quality of devotion to serve God’s purposes that will overcome the enemy (Revelation 12:11).

I want to issue a bold, impassioned summons to those who love Israel and want to make a difference in her future. Come, take your place on the watchman’s wall. Let’s make an offering of ourselves to the Lord together, next Esther’s feast of Purim, March 2007. I have seen the quality of commitment so many of you have to the coming of our King, Yeshua, and to His Messianic community in today’s Israel. Now is the time to answer Esther’s call and impact history for the glory of God.