Eagle Project Update


The Eagle Project is a joint ministry hosted by both Return to Zion Ministry and Revive Israel. Its vision is to renew, teach, develop and invest in the young generation in Israel from age 20 and above.

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In May 2019, after a long period of preparation, the Eagle Project launched an expanded scope of “Eagle Global Ministries” as a dozen emissaries were sent for two weeks to minister to our Asian brothers and sisters.

Together with the local Asian Eagles, these young men and women created and implemented a detailed agenda whose goal was to teach and unite Jews and Gentiles.

The first week in Taipei, Taiwan included lessons about the roots of our faith, cultural differences, local and Israeli history and more. After two days, the team started a full-time ministry tour, including music, to the local body of Messiah and even took it into the streets. The young eagles experienced how to teach in front of people, share their testimonies, lead worship, speak in discussions and debates and listen to others. They also held in-depth Scripture teaching sessions, built solid connections and relationships, listened to God’s guidance and prayed for one another ― all this as one united body in Messiah.

In the second week the team split up into two groups, one of which moved on to Seoul, Korea, while the other remained and continued their ministry in Taipei.

God has blessed us in this, our first experience of ministry coming out of Zion. This “trial run” exceeded all our expectations. We were able to physically see the growth in spirit of the youth, and the vision of the Eagle Project taking shape. 1 John 2:14 came alive!

We want more from Him. We want to do more for Him through His chosen people worldwide, and the younger generation plays a key role in His plan.

Rebecca Ya-Lei Tu, our Taiwanese partner writes: “It was a picture of God’s family revealed in front of our eyes when we witnessed young modern day emissaries from Israel and Norway reuniting with the body of Yeshua in Taiwan, Japan and Korea. I believe the friendship and fellowship built in this project planted seeds for the personal growth of our young people and expanded the Kingdom mindset in their lives.”

The next step will take place in October 2019, when a young group from Taiwan, Korea, Japan and Norway will come to Israel for 10 days filled with learning, fellowship and ministry in Israel.

Unity bears fruit!


For more information or questions please feel free to contact eagleproje@gmail.com

Evgeni (Eagle Project Manager)