Eagle Project Global Update November 2019


The Eagle Project – a united ministry of Return to Zion and Revive Israel – was created to invest in young adults in Israel and abroad, to disciple and equip them for their next steps with the Lord, and to develop the next generation of leaders and servants.

Many of you are already familiar with the latest development in the Eagle Project – a practical program that enables the young generation to minister using their gifts. As a first step, we sent a team to Asia to bring the Word out of Zion and to serve together in unity with the young generation there.

You can read about that here!

This program, created as a long-term relationship with our global family and friends, has led us to the second step this year. We invited young adults from Asia who participated in the Eagle Project to be involved in ten days of practical ministry in Israel, united with the local youth for fellowship and discipleship.

God gave us great opportunities to unite young people from Taiwan, Japan, France, Norway and Israel and to serve Him together as one body.

The program started in the city of Haifa in northern Israel. The first day we had a worship evening that was led by 11 worshipers and musicians as one group from different congregations and countries. Approximately 80 youngsters attended this evening, with the subject to make God the priority.

During the next days we continued with fellowship, a Shabbat meal and ministry at the local congregation with testimonies, worship and reading the Scriptures. In the evening the young people shared their experiences, prayed for each other, experienced healing, and saw miracles during the time of unity at the feet of our Lord.

The main subject of the program was Identity. Every passage of Scripture we read and every trip we made were concentrated on it. A strong identity in our youth will make the Kingdom of God stronger, according to the vision of the Eagle Project from 1 John 2:14.

After a great time of traveling, teaching and ministry, the team moved to Yad Hashmona in the Jerusalem area for the second part of the program.

The first activity there was hiking with the local youth on the Emmaus Road. The Spirit of the Lord reveled to us further steps and opened our hearts and minds for what He wanted to do next.

The next days were even busier, as the team learned and served from morning until late evening. The days were full of biblical discussions, serving at a rehab center in Jerusalem, visiting Yad Vashem (Holocaust Memorial) and ministering at the local congregations in Jerusalem and Tel-AvivThe time went by quickly; as the young people tried and experienced newthings every day, they learned how to serve one another and listen to God.  They were not afraid to make mistakes as each of them built up their own identity in His Kingdom.

The time was such a great experience! It was like a production place for new young leaders and servants. For many of them it was a start of something bigger in God’s plan for their life and ministry.

The connection between young Jews and Gentiles at the midpoint of the Feast of Tabernacles in Israel is a fulfillment of prophecies, and we know God has more in store for us!

We are already planning our next year at Eagle Global Ministries, and we are inviting you to partner with us and support it.  When a ministry is reaching out to the youth, many attacks may follow; therefore, it needs spiritual covering from believers and congregations. Please pray for us. God has been moving, is continuing to move, and will do great things in the lives of young people who will bear much fruit in the body of Messiah worldwide.