Discipleship Program Report


Dear Friends and Family,

We just completed this 8 week session! The mighty Hand of God was working all the time, in ways none of us ever anticipated, even in the midst of severe challenges, including one member contracting Covid19, which meant the rest had to go into quarantine. How could we continue the program? God heard our cry and gave us creative ways to do it. Then Valerie, one of the key organizers, got “stuck” in Switzerland because of COVID-19 after her father’s funeral there. Yuval (her husband and our program leader) had to look after their 6 young children.

Still, we saw during the 2 weeks when these two leaders were absent, how the Lord continued to work mightily in the lives of the students. It was ALL His doing. When we are weak, He is (very) strong. Our God is so faithful!

Tal Haroni, one of the organizers, says:

“The theme of this program was Your Kingdom Come, and the Lord indeed had us experience His kingdom. It’s not an easy ‘walk in the garden.’ It has to be seized and held tightly. It often means we have to run after it and fight for it, never bowing down to the enemy and letting him steal it from us.”

It is evident from the following testimonies how young lives have been radically impacted after only 2 months. This could not have been done without your prayer backup, love, and support.

Discipleship Student Testimonies:

“It was hard for me in the beginning, I was not sure I fitted in the ‘framework’. Yet today … I feel much closer to God, I can pray alone, read the Scriptures alone and ask questions. The team was wonderful and I felt comfortable to speak and share. I really want to see a change when I go back home to my regular life.”

“The Lord did so much for me in this time… it was a healing experience… I received the ‘tools’ needed to continue my life as a believer in Yeshua. I was able to experience many victories, for example, overcoming the desire to always put myself in the center. Doing that prevents Him from working through me.”

“During this time, I discovered a lot of hurts and unresolved issues inside me. One evening, during worship, I had an intense internal battle with the Lord. It took time, but as I submitted it to Him, all became calm and I had PEACE. It was such a revelation to me! The Lord promised to take me higher in my faith. This experience also inspired me to start growing plants outside my house!”

“I felt I grew and made leaps of progress on how to release and submit matters to God. Previously, I took everything too personally, hurting myself in the process. It was a constant struggle. During this program I was given the ‘tools’ to deal with this deep root of rejection. I am much more secure in who I am in God now.”

Please continue to pray for this program. Pray for the students to pursue His Kingdom victory as they go back to their regular lives.

With love and deep appreciation,
Revive Israel Community Farm Discipleship Team