Deception in the End Times


The first sin started in the beginning with a lie and a deception (Genesis 3:4, 13). The first liar was Satan, and all further lies proceeded from him (John 8:44). As we grow near the end times, those lies and deceptions will reach their fullness. In Yeshua’s teaching about the end times on the Mount of Olives, He warned several times of deception:

Matthew 24:4 – Be careful that no one deceive you.

Matthew 24:5 – Many will come in My name, saying, “I am the Messiah,” and will deceive many.

Matthew 24:11 – Many false prophets will arise and deceive many.

Matthew 24:24 – False Messiahs and false prophets will arise and do great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect.

This fullness of end times’ deception will touch several areas.

Secular: The Western, liberal, humanist, secular dream is for a utopia of equality, free rights, sexual freedom, moral relativism, new-age spirituality, with no “God” but ourselves. This view was expressed in John Lennon’s song, Imagine. This view will grow into a united, one-world movement, as expressed in Michael Jackson’s song, We are the World.

Islamic: The Islamic world is divided into several sub-divisions, but they all have a hope for world dominion, the coming of an Islamic messiah, and the destruction of Israel. The combination of Islamic hatred of Israel and a united federation of nations will lead to the apocalyptic attack on Israel (Ezekiel 38-39; Zechariah 14).

Judeo-Christian: There is a psychiatric disease called, The Jerusalem Syndrome. It happens to Jews and Christians with some sort of religious background. Many visitors to the Holy City become infected with delusions of grandeur, and begin to see themselves as the embodiment of some biblical figure.

The subtle influences of the Jerusalem Syndrome affect even the true believers here, the elect. Spiritual pride, competition, jealousy, self-importance, inflated “ministry ego” – prevent the real work of the kingdom of God from bearing as much fruit as it could.

These three spheres of deception (Secular, Islamic and Judeo-Christian) all involve a type of false “Messianism.” Let us pray for grace, truth, humility, and freedom from deception. Let us also pray for a renewed and deepened fear of the Lord, so that we might not fall into temptation and deception (Matthew 6:13)