David and Jennie Wright now live in Plymouth UK after leaving Israel in 2010.  David had formerly worked as a systems engineer in Scotland. Then on a business trip to Israel he just knew that this was where they belonged. They moved to Israel on a work visa in 1998. There they joined the nascent congregation ‘Adonai Roi’ (founded by Avi Mizrach), where they were ordained as elders in 2000.  They were active in the Israeli messianic movement and made many lasting friendships through the ‘kennes artsi’ and TJCll.  Eventually they left Israel due to the work visa running out. Before leaving Israel David was ordained by Tikkun, and they were recognised as emissaries.


In Plymouth UK they have formed a study group and built relationships with several church leaders through Churches Together in Plymouth where Beit-Ezra is listed as a local ‘church.’ They are active in both church and community activities through Hospital, Care Home and Police chaplaincies.


They are accepted by the local Orthodox synagogue as messianic believers, and David has been approved by them to teach school classes about the Jewish faith.