Daniel’s Story


Valentina’s big family is full of love and creativity. Their home has always been filled with music, as Valentina herself plays piano and writes songs.

When the Lord gave her and her husband children, they believed the children would inherit a love for music and art. Their oldest son, Daniel, is 11 years old. Today he is taking vocal, violin and piano lessons in our Art and Music School “Rainbow of Sounds.” He is also gifted with theater skills, and in school he is a very good student.

Hard to Imagine
It is hard to imagine that at the age of 4 Daniel had not yet learned to talk! In their attempts to help him, his parents initially took him to specialists, later to a kindergarten and then a special school for children with special needs. Daniel’s future seemed bleak, as if he might remain on the sidelines of life, among those who are called losers and disabled. But the Creator never puts a mark of shame on His creatures.

Then one day Daniel sat down at the piano and began to play, note by note. As he started to learn, he overcame his shyness and psychological complexes! Prayers, the support of loved ones and creative passion all helped him grow and flourish.

For Valentina’s big family every penny is dear, but parents know that investing in the future of their children pays off and “Return to Zion” has a sponsorship program that is helping this family and others. Now Daniel and his younger brother are already performing in “Rainbow of Sounds” concerts, and Daniel’s future looks completely different from before.

The Lord has poured out his blessing!