Congregational Facility of Katzir Asher Congregation in Akko

Dear Friends,

Our brother Guy Cohen needs our help! Guy is the lead pastor of Katzir Asher, a vibrant, on-fire Messianic community in Akko, Israel. Akko is one of the few cities in Israel that is integrated with Jews and Arabs. Guy burns with the vision to see Jew and Gentile united in Messiah Yeshua.



The Katzir Asher Congregation was birthed in 2005. Guy was part of the leadership team of Tents of Mercy (then led by Eitan Shishkoff – one of Tikkun’s original founders). Eitan and the elders of TOM sent Guy and his wife, Tali, out to plant a daughter congregation in Akko. This city is actually Guy’s “home town.” He was born and raised there in an Orthodox Jewish home. Many in town know him, and he has suffered bravely for Yeshua. While a prophet is without honor in his own home, Guy and Tali have built up a warm community of believers.




But they need to grow. And right now there is an opportunity to purchase space immediately adjacent to their existing location. This would allow for expansion of the children and youth ministries, space for counseling, training and family services plus food and clothing distribution and so much more!


Please hear me, this is a rare opportunity—roughly 9,300 square feet in three floors opens up right next to a Messianic community. We have to seize the moment. Phase one of this space is an additional 3,000 square feet on the other side of the wall of our present main floor. The total price for purchase, taxes and renovation for phase one is only $350,000. We can believe God together for this amount!


Would you consider standing with Guy, Tali and the believers in Akko? Please click HERE to donate to the Tikkun Global Fund.


Just Think

• Jewish and Arab Israelis worshipping Yeshua together!
• Russian Jewish immigrants getting the help they need.
• Teens having their own youth room for activities and training.
• Counseling facilities.
• And humanitarian aid distribution.


Friends, we at Tikkun Global believe in radical generosity. God smiles on us when we stand with each other and give sacrificially. I believe it will warm His heart, as we help Katzir Asher continue to reach their community for Yeshua.

Thank you for your partnership!

Ron Cantor,

Tikkun Global


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