Close Encounters Of An Israeli Kind


Over the years our hearts have been stirred about sharing our faith with others here in Israel. Here are some brief testimonies illustrating how the Holy Spirit is leading us.

While “E” was at the barber shop to get his hair cut, he “jumped into” a conversation and realized that a half hour of getting a hair cut becomes something that will last through eternity when it is spent sharing about Messiah Yeshua and His grace.

“E” – “Whenever people ask me what I do or why I made aliyah [immigrated to Israel], I get excited. Here is my opportunity. At a furniture store the other day, the sales people again asked me these questions. The sales lady walked off, but the guy wanted to hear more, and other customers gathered around. We have also become friends with a few of the employees of a nearby Chinese restaurant. One of them is very close to coming to visit a young singles ‘happening’ associated with our congregation.”

“A” had a conversation about the Messiah with two soldiers, one of them an officer. The soldiers wanted to hear more and more.

“T” has become known in her teaching college as a believer. At her invitation one of her fellow students came to a conference for believing university students.

One day “T” and a friend picked up three orthodox people hitchhiking. After a conversation of a few minutes, the orthodox started talking to them about God. The orthodox asked if it bothered “T” and her friend to hear about God.  They responded “No.”  The orthodox asked, “What are you? What do you believe in?”  “T” and her friend told them to guess.  The orthodox guessed, “You are either secular or Messianic Jewish.” (!)

“TR” also shared with an orthodox man who had already heard something about Messianics and the good news.

“Y” – After years of sharing, several of his family members asked to get together and go deeper into talking about faith in God.

“V” has been meeting and sharing with many Israelis in daily life, especially while taking care of her children and meeting other moms doing the same.

“Z” a believing Arab brother was being questioned by a border security official about his connection with Jewish believers. “Z” clearly presented Yeshua as the Messiah of Israel, and the official was very open, interested and receptive.

“P” and “S” were out around town, when they ran into “D”, someone “S” had previously known in the army. Suddenly “P” felt that God was showing him several things about “D’s” life. The things he felt God had showed him seemed a bit strange and disconnected. But when he told “D” what he had sensed, “D” was shocked; he than elaborated further about what was happening in his life. He was very excited and moved.

“P” was with another young person in the Jerusalem area. Again God showed some things to “P”. After “P” shared what the Spirit had disclosed to him the fellow asked if they could get together again.

“O” invited a traffic policewoman to come to the believers’ children’s day school in Jerusalem, to teach the children about traffic safety. The policewoman was very impressed with the children and open to the faith.

In Israel, these things just seem to be happening all the time, every day almost.  Doors open and opportunities spring out and present themselves.  Won’t you pray for the the believers in Israel that there may be more conversations, more openness and that more Israelis will come to faith and find Yeshua to their Messiah too!