Bringing Change and Receiving Vision


Recently, before a preaching opportunity, I sought the Lord on what to share and kept hearing: “watchmen, vision, seer.” This brought me to Ezekiel 3:16-27. I began to think about how Ezekiel stood in difficult times before a nation of people different from him, trying to bring change. We too stand in the same place. The question is, “How do we bring change around us?”

For Us Personally

The change must first begin with me, and therefore I want to know, what God’s plan is for me? Why am I here?

How can we hear the answers to these questions from God, in an era of sensory overload and distraction that can try to steal and block us from what God has called us to? We must choose to not allow virtual input, fantasy and a fabricated world to steal real interaction with God, and with others. We need to actively invite God to renew and restore these interactions.

What do you see your life, family and congregational participation being ten years from now? What is God showing you? What is the vision for your future? I look at the tools God gave me years ago, and I realize that they have done a good job but need to be continually updated. God gives us new tools to implement the vision of the future.

For Those Around Us

It is important that we identify the vision or purpose of our lives according to God. “Where there is no vision the people perish” (Proverbs 29:18). In Hebrew the word ‘people’ can also be translated as ‘nation’ which gives a clearer understanding that it is not only the individual who is at stake but those to whom we are connected. I potentially block God’s plans for others when I think only of myself.

For Our Congregations

Congregations are expressions of God’s house. God’s house is a place for all mankind to return to Him. Our congregations must be strong in the Spirit of God, for that is where our victory lies. There are two potential directions that I see the Harvest of Asher congregation going in the next ten years:

1. Settling into a mold or comfort zone. This is a framework that will be relevant to those who fit into the mold, and will focus on growing in the word among ourselves.


2. Having open arms, thinking outside of the box, looking beyond the camp as did the prophets and seers of old. Being filled with the Spirit and called to go forth to reach the sinner, widow, down-trodden, sick and dying.

I ask, “Why did He open my eyes?” I see our congregation as one which does not fit into the “mold.” I see us as a congregation of breakthroughs in the supernatural. The world needs change. We need change.