Branch of Galilee Congregation

Branch of Galilee Congregation

Shalom, dear brothers and sisters!

Peace and blessings to you from Nazareth!

We are grateful to the Lord for His ability to unite all of us into one body that serves one Creator and accomplishes one over-arching goal, glorifying His Name. We are doing this together! We thank God for your faithfulness in your prayers and support of this ministry! It is not in vain. Fruit is coming forth.

Last July, together with brothers and sisters from Spokane (USA), we organized a children’s camp in our congregation. For eight days, forty children from ages 7 to 14 enjoyed fellowship with each other, learned to help others and to overcome difficulties. We were inspired by heroes of the Faith and each day the children heard about Yeshua (Jesus) and what He did for all of mankind.

It was a joy to see Arab, Hebrew and Russian speaking children unified during those days and how sad they were to part from each other.

On the last evening, the children sang songs for their parents and showed sketches from the Bible. In the hall among the parents there was an Arab Muslim woman and a religious Jewish woman. I was astonished that both women were sitting with tears in their eyes. Through the Holy Spirit, the God of Israel touched these two mothers as they watched their daughters! Later, in August, the religious Jewish woman was immersed (baptized), along with four other sisters from our congregation. Thus, the Lord made his Covenant with five daughters! Dear ones, this is also the result of your work; thank you for this!

May the abundance of God’s blessings be upon you and your families! If you are traveling in Israel, we warmly invite you to visit our community in Nazareth to have fellowship and pray together with us.