Blessed to Serve


When I was growing up my mother, Katya, would often tell me “When you feel discouraged, look around and see whom you can serve. You will soon find yourself focusing on something other than your own troubles and will be a much happier and more fulfilled person.”

It is so fitting that our annual Reshet Summer Camp for elementary school children (which was actually a beloved project of my mother’s) is based upon serving and blessing others. Every summer young people from our local congregations, along with volunteers of all ages from Texas churches, come together and live out this motto of generous service.

You will see from their testimonials from the 2019 summer camp, that the campers were blessed, and all who gave of themselves throughout the week received much in return:

“I loved seeing kids be kids – having a blast and, learning and being encouraged to love and follow Jesus. It was spectacular!” USA Volunteer

“Camp this year was just as good as always, although I can’t shake the feeling that they will only get better and better. The scene that keeps playing in my mind is unity of the children with the counselors when worshiping!” USA Volunteer

“I especially loved how every night we would worship and just love everyone there.” USA Volunteer

“As I watched all week at camp, the theme being, “The Armor of God,” I could definitely see the connection the children made. They connected the solider and his gear to fight physically, to God’s armor needed for a spiritual battle. Putting on a new piece of their uniform/armor each day of camp was so exciting. It was fun, but brilliant learning for all ages. Most of all, just getting to be part of God’s bigger plan, working beside my brothers and sisters. I will always cherish this week with you.” USA Volunteer

“The Lord revealed to me during my time spent with them just how much my heart can love, and although we are all so different, we’re all very much the same. We live completely different lives on the opposite side of the world for most of the year, but we all share the same love for Yeshua.” USA Volunteer

“I came away challenged to pursue Christ more in my own life, from watching how you all loved on us and blessed us.” USA Volunteer

“I began to pray for each child and child personally that God would touch their lives. I too went through change and inner learning together with the kids. It was an amazing experience because God raised up the soldier within me, and I did not get tired all week.” Israeli Counselor

“We saw remarkable unity among the children, concluding groups of boys and girls gathering around their counselors in prayer.” Israeli Counselor

“Another highlight for me was the fencing workshop by a champion fencer who imparted in his quiet way, how to use the Sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God.” Israeli Counselor.