Bethlehem’s Secret


In the New Covenant, just before the crucifixion, Yeshua not only used bread as a symbol for His flesh in the Lord’s Supper, but He also compared himself to the manna God sent from heaven to the Israelites in the desert (John 6:32-33, 48-51).

The flesh or meat of the animal sacrifices of the Levitical priesthood also symbolized Yeshua’s sacrifice on the cross as fulfillment of the Torah’s requirement for the remission of sin. John the apostle said that Yeshua was “the Word (that) became flesh and dwelt among us …” making Yeshua both the bread from heaven and the word that became flesh (John 1:14).

The prophet Micah foretold that the birthplace of the Messiah would be in Bethlehem of Judah (Micah 5:2). While Bethlehem in Hebrew means “House of Bread”, in Arabic it means “House of Meat”, or “flesh.”