The Galilee Experience

The Galilee Experience, opened in 1991, is a tourist attraction on the Sea of Galilee waterfront in Tiberias, presenting the history of the Galilee and of THE Galilean, using multiple digital video projectors.  The audiovisual show has been seen by hundreds of thousands of visitors. A major consideration of the founders, creators and investors of… Read more »


Who Is The Underdog?

In the wake of the Nazi Holocaust, most of the world saw the Jews as underdogs. This was enough to allow the State of Israel to be established in 1948 with United Nations approval. However, since that time Israel has become stronger and more prosperous. Starting in the 1980s, many began to see the Palestinians… Read more »


Danish Jews And Israeli Arabs

Terri and I just returned from a trip to Denmark. One of the chief reasons we wanted to be in that country is because of the stand the Danish people took for the Danish Jews in 1943, at great risk to themselves, during the Holocaust. Denmark was one of the few countries whose people refused… Read more »


Healings Blossom

  View of Galilee from near our village We are thrilled to be able to share with you some of the answers we have recently received to prayer. We have begun to see signs and wonders in our congregation Kehilat Poriya and, of late words of knowledge have come … followed by healings. In our… Read more »