Enduring Friendship

Twelve years ago this coming August, my mother died. She was 87 years old and suffered a massive stroke from which she could not recover. I was able to fly to the States and be with her in the hospital for a few days before she died peacefully in her sleep. In accordance with Jewish… Read more »


Growing Faith from Generation to Generation

I followed my father down the long flight of wooden stairs that led from the back porch of our house into the yard. The stairs may not have been as lengthy as I remember, but I was small and everything in a grownup’s world seemed big. (I often dreamed of taking off from about halfway… Read more »


Encounter on a Bangkok Bridge

About 25 years ago, not long after my family and I had moved to Israel, I had an opportunity to travel to Seoul, Korea to speak at a Bible school graduation. On the flight back to Israel I stopped for several hours in Bangkok, Thailand. After getting off the plane, knowing that I had a… Read more »


Pigs Have Kosher Feet

When I was a small boy – probably about 4 or 5 years old, growing up in  Baltimore – my uncle Sidney owned a small grocery store in a very poor, black section of town.  My uncle and his family lived behind the store – the only  Jews in the area.  One of my earliest… Read more »


A Quiet Proclamation

There is something that we do, not periodically, but consistently. Though it certainly involves faith, at times we don’t feel very spiritual participating in this activity. And, in fact, there are even times when we wonder if there is any connection between this thing we do and spirituality. I’m speaking about living in the land… Read more »


Tell Them I Just Stepped Out

Kaddish (sanctification) is the traditional Jewish prayer that is said in honor of someone who is deceased. It is said at the graveside, at the funeral, in the synagogue three times daily for eleven months, and after that, every year (according to the Hebrew calendar) on the anniversary of the death. It is, in reality,… Read more »


In the Desert

“And the LORD spoke to Moses in the desert of Sinai … Take the numbers of all the congregation of Israel …” (Numbers 1:1,2). The fourth book of the Torah is called in Hebrew “In the Desert/Wilderness” (b’midbar) or in English “Numbers”. Establishing a Nation Numbers speaks to us of organization and order. The people… Read more »


Synagogue Hopping

My childhood memories of the great fall festivals of Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and Sukkot have little to do with the spiritual realities they were intended to convey. There was no genuine connection to the God who gave us our history, promised us a glorious future and reveals His supernatural presence to us daily. At… Read more »


Who Is The Servant Of The Lord?

To commemorate Israel’s 60th anniversary in 2008, the nation’s antiquities department put the famous Isaiah scroll on display at the Israel Museum. Discovered in 1947, this 2,100 year old manuscript is the only complete book of the Bible found at Qumran. Because of its inestimable value it has not been on display since 1967. The… Read more »


Birth Pangs After More than Seventy years

When I was 13 years old I became a bar mitzvah (Son of the Commandments).  The passage from the Prophets that I chanted that day was Isaiah 66. Though it is a dramatic and critically important passage, unfortunately the focus of my reading was more concerned with the proper chanting of the words than with… Read more »